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Meeting notes from June 3rd, 2021.

Murray Mills delighted us with a video montage in his Journey as a film maker which had deeply personal roots, in that whilst he had 'memories of the mind' and photos, there was nothing that captured the sound and mannerisms of his family or subjects. In 2010, he got his first truly portable solid state memory video camera for his trip to Canada and America, and thus began his foray into editing using Power Director 8, which he uses to this day. He then joined his first video club around that time as well, where he was mentored and subsequently able to condense his vast libraries of footage into succinct productions. From 2016 onwards, he became involved in various Community based projects for the Bribie Island Yacht Club, Mt Gravatt Men's Shed, Pink Stumps Day, the Piper Low Fund Raiser and Tansey Park Community Markets, as well as a number of multi-camera dance and theatre productions. He most recently showcased his drone pilot skills and camera work in The Goulburn Story (produced by Paul Michaels), and the yet to be finished 'Lachlan Runs Free'. Most recently, he produced his first short film, "In My Life" starring his daughter and grand kids, that reinforced his personal connection of memories with voices and mannerisms.

Next, Emily Spence announced she is looking to form at team to help her turn her short film script into a movie. Set in a climbing centre, the premise of the story centres around a couple who go on a date at a climbing centre and one of them gets injured. Emily will produce and is presently scouting for a venue. It will feature a cast of 5 actors and will require the assistance of club members to realise Emily's vision. Please have a chat with Emily if you are interested.

Emily also shared with us a music video that she was a part of back in England. It was pretty amazing. It won viewer choice.

The Commitee is seeking a club member to volunteer to organise the end of year John Roberts Trophy event that may be held in a small theatre (formerly the old Irish Club) in lieu of the final November meeting usually held at the Toowong Hall. Venue hire is approximately $600 for 2.5 hours which works out to be $20 per head if 30 attend, with food and drinks being extra. Whilst traditionally only being open to individual entries, a new category for club based projects is being introduced for the first time. If you are able to help out in organising the event, please let a Committee member know soon. A secondary role of judge coordinator will be responsible for finding volunteers external to the club to judge the videos via an online judging site. This person will also communicate the judges findings and forward the feedback to the movie makers.

Damien and Peter are developing two new projects scheduled to commence in August, with the first chronicling the history of BMM and the second to be based around producing a 30~60 second commercial. Stay tuned for more information at a future Club night!

After a short supper, we were treated to the following UGG Competition Entries:

  1. Trish and Pete go Ballooning by Peter Waterman - a well constructed and entertaining first person perspective of a ballooning experience with great commentary from the balloon pilot.

  2. Our Water by Glenn Bruce - a beautiful and educational production of a call to action of our use of water, with micro and macro juxtapositions of its use and how we should not take such a precious resource for granted

  3. Zodiac: Earth, Air, Fire and Water by Peter Waterman - an enjoyable production showcasing a tapestry of exquisite art work produced by Wendy Gay, a talented local artist, woven into Peter's humorous and personal interpretation of the Zodiac in the themes of Earth, Air, Fire and Water(man)

With a total of 16 votes up for grabs, Peter and Glenn Bruce tied for first place for 'Trish and Pete go Ballooning' and 'Our Water', with 'Zodiac' being a very, very close second. It was a very tight race indeed. Congratulations Peter and Glenn who get to jointly keep the coveted UGG Trophy until the next competition.

Upcoming Events

17 June - Neal Reville's Journey as a film maker and the club auction, with all proceeds raised going to the club. Cash is preferred.

This gimbal is one of the items up for auction.

8 July - 3 x work shops

22 July - Film Festivals, presented by David Wright and UGG Competition entry and judging (theme: textures or a film featuring 3 objects nominated by the club, with an emphasis on sound production)

Author: Nigel O'Neill

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