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What's on offer?


We encourage our members to create more movies and to aim for higher quality in those movies. We do that by giving movie makers an interested audience of like minded peers; and by offering constructive feedback. We also offer the opportunity to enter your movies into our competitions.

The Ugg Competition

The Ugg Competition is our more 'casual' competition. We offer a choice of themes; and a movie making focus. You go out there and give it your best shot. We have 6 of these per year and the winner takes the 'Ugg' trophy home till the next competition. 

Click the button for the upcoming competition themes and plan ahead for the competition(s) that interest you.


Needs to align with the theme of the competition.

Needs to be your creative work.

The BMM Short Film Awards 2022

In 2021, we had our first 'BMM Short Film Awards' event. It was held at Elizabeth theatre in Brisbane. It was originally 'The John Roberts Trophy' but has had a name change due to a move to expand the offerings. Now there are 3 different awards:

  • Best Club Movie

  • Best Individual Movie

  • Audience Award

The Audience Award is voted for after viewing all movies in the cinema. It is decided on the night. For the other two categories, we invite 3 judges who are external to the club to give a serious appraisal of the movies and to score them. The winners are those with the highest combined score.

Due to the Eleven Tomorrows Initiative, 2022 was not a competition, but a celebration of our movies called 'BMM Showcase'. It was held on December 1st, 2022.
In 2023, we completed our 'Eleven Tomorrow's' feature length movie and screened it, once again at Elizabeth Street Theatre. It was a collection of eleven short stories that shared the common theme of 'futures' and 'Brisbane'.

BMM Short Film Awards Rules

-          Films entered must be creatively owned by the entrant ie the concept, writing and direction must be an original work by the entrant(s)

-       films entered must be less than 15mins duration

-       films may be of any genre eg documentary, drama, interviews etc

         It is acceptable for the entrant to have enlisted help from other people eg extra camera person, boom operator etc

-          In 2021, we had a new category for BMM project films.

-          Pop Up Movies – entries are eligible only from the person from whom the idea has originated

-       Music needs to be "free music" or have permission of the author

-       Multiple entries are acceptable from the same entrant (each less than 15 minutes)*

-        note: entries are for movies produced since the BMM Short Film Awards 2021; and entrants must be a current member of BMM.

*If we have too many entries, then limits may apply.

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