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Upcoming Projects

Our upcoming projects

The purpose of this page is to identify the upcoming projects of various club members. By doing so, other members and potentially new members can identify project opportunities where they may seek to be involved. Please note: Unless otherwise identified, all of these are collaborative projects and are unpaid.

Camera Crew

Safe Haven

This is a 30 second ad for TV against Domestic Violence. Writer Heather Jones is wanting to diversify into Directing and will be shooting this in on January 13th 2024. 

Cast and Crew have all been organised. Thanks and well done to all those who have jumped on board.

Note: This project has been completed.

Man behind Broken Glass



'With all of the bad things that are happening in the world right now, I think we need a message of togetherness and true unity. I believe that starts with personal reflection and then we can find kindness toward each other.'

Marielle Heller

The idea of 'Together' is to have a series of stories/docos each on it’s own with a theme of creating happiness by sharing time, energy and commitment to another person (or animal, organisation, hobby etc). Like 'YANA' (You are not alone'), the film will be tied together with narration. As John Dunne said “no man is an island’ so the stories created in this project will be about discovering that and realising that it is better together. Another aspect of this is finding yourself and being happy in your own shoes ie 'getting your shit together'. The harmony and comfort of togetherness is perhaps the end point of these films (although it may be shown in a subtle manner). 


Format of Films

It is envisaged that the films can be in various formats

  • Fiction

  • Documentary

  • Mockumentary

  • Docustories


Length of Films

There is no hard and fast rule to this. Ideally all the films will be roughly 7-20 minutes but something outside of this is fine (even up to a feature length). However the idea of each film is that it can be filmed simply and there is little need for major props, sets or exotic locations. 



How Many Films

No limit at this stage but if we could get 5-6 together that will be brilliant. Perhaps one good one to start with may be the aim.


Mood of Films

The most important aspect of the process is the quality of the script/story. The stories can have difficulties in them ie conflicts to solve (all stories do) but ultimately it should be uplifting ie the idea of 'finding togetherness helps the spirit soar'. A good story above all makes us feel and moves us in some way (hopefully not to leave the theatre). If possible, I would like each of the films to contain elements of humour.

Together Ideas

The sky is the limit. But, just off the top of my head (grey) some themes could be

  • An old couple in their last years of life

  • A lonely man discovering a mens group

  • A woman/man and their dog

  • Finding your sexuality (a gay couple)

  • Someone who never expresses problems confides in someone

  • Finding yourself

  • A pub choir singing together (documentary about the pub choir)

  • A single mum and her son/daughter

  • Discovering your birth mother/father

  • A series of unfortunate events but someone is standing beside you

  • A newly married couple

  • Changing the world (a youth rally for climate change)

  • A disabled person and their carer (finding the right carer)

  • Story from Mens Wellbeing

  • Black dog ride for mens' health

  • Handicapped Basktball

  • A Womens Shelter

  • Indro Hub


What Will Happen to These Films

  • Streamed on Vimeo Streaming

  • Shown at the Cinema

  • Entered into film festivals

  • Distributed at a later date after on youtube


Completion Date for showing March 2005


Jan – March 2024 ; The Ideas for Films

Jan – October; – filming

Oct – Jan ’25 Editing

Jan, Feb 2025 Publicity


Timeline (will vary but just to aim for)



What do we need

  • Essentially storytellers who are able to come up with a good story and turn that into a script. 

- Brisbane Movie Makers are willing to assist in providing crew for the filming




Essentially these will be produced on a zero budget. Those involved in the film making process ie scriptwriters/actors will have a show reel that they can provide for prospective employment in the film industry if they wish to pursue that. Any costs will be born by me (Peter Waterman). It is envisaged that there will be no money made from the production and distribution of these films 


Please let me know if you are interested in being involved in this project.


Peter Waterman – Together Producer

December 2023


Films Commenced (as of Feb 2nd 2024)

The Lady Beetles - friendship heightened by the power of music

(Nigel and Murray assisting)

Stuart and Shadow – a man and his dog

Fishers of Men – Giving Back to the Community ( ex prisoners doing good)


Upcoming Help needed

  • 4 camera shoot in a Church

  • Someone to sing a Beatles song badly on the street

  • Ongoing help as situations evolve

Thank you 😊


'The Awakening' by Heather Jones

'The Awakening' is part of "The Special Ones' collection of short films for the Australian market. Each story is between 5 - 10 minutes long.

The stories centre on a particular person with a disability: Alzheimer's, wheelchair driven, a small person, a blind girl, an autistic child and so on. They are uplifting and heart-warming in theme.

The first short story will be shooting on Saturday and Sunday March 16 and 17th at a private home in Wilston. 

Jen W will be DoP and Heather J will be producer/director. They are looking for all crew, so please contact them if you are available.


Anti-plastic Ad

Just want to experiment making a 30 second Ad. Looking for someone to collaborate with me to put this together. I have an idea in mind involving greenscreen and slow mo. 

Don't want this to be a whole crew thing. Just to work with one person from the club.

Drop me an email if you are interested- sooner rather than later.

Note: This project has been completed.

Plastic Bottle at Beach

The Ritual

The Ritual is part of the ‘Special Ones Collection.’

This story is an invitation to the audience to share in the events of one morning where Alice prepares for a ceremony to farewell the parts of her loss to breast cancer.

The message is poignant and the viewer has an insight into Alice’s experience of heartbreak and dark night of the soul—to return with hope as an invitation to renew her vow with life.

The story of Alice in ‘The Ritual’ is for every woman facing or has endured breast cancer.

There are only three characters – Alice, another character referred to as The Leader and the third character who is referred to as “The Other Person.’


There is minimal dialogue. It is very much more plot/character driven and I have written with off-screen voice-over narration in some parts. 


I don’t have a concrete filming date as yet and I am meeting with Heather on the 16th Feb to discuss a forward moving schedule.

Will advise more then.


Kind regards

Deborah K Bates

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