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Winding up 2021 and what happened at BMM 4th November.

Updated: Nov 7, 2021


After a short welcome from Punny Pete, we cut live to a video welcome .... from his alter ego, BMM President Peter who acknowldged BMM members and Brisbane sisters Agnes and Teresa's astonishing Guiness Book of World Records feat of singing 193 national anthems from memory to mark the Internation Day of Peace hosted by the United Nations. Read more about their 6 hour marathon achievement here:

We challenged them to sing the German and Greek National Anthems which they delivered with aplomb.

In other news, the JEMPS team participated in the 48 hour challenge and their production, titled 'Peppered Red' was submitted as a result. Newest member George was one of the actors and I hear that Jonathan came out of acting retirement.

We also welcomed our other newest members John and Michael.

BMM Awards Night

Emily and Glenn have been feverishly preparing for the BMM Awards Night to be held on Wednesday 24 November 2021. It commences at 6:30PM sharp at the Elizabeth Picture Theatre:

Best parking is at Wintergarden.

So far 35 out of the 60 tickets available have been sold. It's not too late to get your ticket!

The judges have almost finished judging and a technical run through has been successfully conducted with the cinema after a Digital Cinema Package format conversion.

There will be 1 intermission of 15 minutes at 7:15PM for a wee break and to grab your meal and head back into the Cinema. As the movie schedule is packed to the gills, everything will need to run at the announced times, no exceptions. If you snooze, you lose.

Grant Application

Ian Campbell provided an update on our grant application and we are at even odds to get funding for equipment in the upcoming round, and failing that, the odds are heavily in our favour at the next round in approximately 3 months time. Stay tuned!


The rest of the evening was dedicated to Voiceovers: an opportunity to present a film where content creators have used a voice over narration to a film. This is a follow up to Paul’s earlier presentation on scripting and recording a voiceover

The following entries were submitted and reviewed by Paul, who offered his valuable and constructive advice:

  • After the Rain - Murray: The vision was purely stock footage from PowerDirector which dominated but had well paced and researched narration to drive it. The pace suited the urgency of some of the nature scenes being shown. There was a definite connection of the passion of the narrator and subject matter. The delivery of the dialogue was well modulated, and an improvement would have been to add natural sound to some of the animal footage being shown as the stock footage was sans audio..

  • Girraween National Park - Glenn: The vision was underscripted but this was seen as a positive as it allowed the narrative to breathe. The narrative was well paced but could have been enhanced by adding more factual or geological details about the park itself. The music was well chosen, and the only improvement could have been about omitting the reference to the ablution facilities!

  • The Smallest Creatures - Peter: There was a strong message in this short production about the importance of insects, in particular bees, spiders and butterflies to nature. With gorgeous GH5 slo-mo and close up footage, this has to be one of Peter's most visually stunning productions to date, backed by emotive narrative. It was deliberately underscripted in places, allowing the script to breathe and allow the audience to contemplate the message being conveyed.

  • Into the Dark - Murray: This production had examples of footage and narrative nicely matching up. The narrative pace suited the calming nature of ballooning brilliantly was more relaxed than 'After the Rain',

  • Happy Halloween - MichaelM: This production had limited narrative, but the use of creepy character voices, natural sound and equally scary music set the tone. The dialogue was sparse at times, but it was mainly the ghoulish vision that drove the production.

  • Clucky the Chicken, The Movie - MichealM: There was minimal dialogue to drive this production about the adventures of Clucky the Chicken. More dialogue would have given a bit more pace and meaning to this production.

  • 2023: WFSF Turns 50 - DavidW: A well researched and presented production, with good narrative and pacing of the narration. An aid that David used was to add subtitles to overcome difficulties of understanding people with strong foreign accents; however, subtitles need to be used judiciously as they can distract your audience from watching the vision. As always, this was a high calibre production from the Studio of

In closing, Paul emphasized that a good narrator tells a story. They do not read it.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is at the BMM Awards Night on 24 November. There is NO MEETING at Toowong Community Hall on the 18th of November. If you do happen to show up, you will only be greeted by the crickets, frogs and fruit bats that frequent the area.

Last Meeting of 2021

The end of year BMM meeting at the Toowong Community Hall is on 2nd December which marks our X'mas break-up party, where we will get a chance to dress up and enjoy a shared supper, a pop quiz and maybe a premiere movie showing… .

What's in store for 2022

David Wright's 11 Tomorrows will form the foundation of club activities in 2022. More information will follow in the new year in February.

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