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Judging Review and Website update

Our last meeting attendance was muted by a combination of earlier storms, Omicron and

possible over-indulgence in X'mas and New Year cheer.

We welcomed 2 new guests courtesy of David.

Emily was present to receive her Woolly Mammoth Award.

Our website has been slightly revamped and restyled!

Glenn took members through our slightly revamped website which now has:

* A mentor/mentee nomination form

96-beb7-000ec4adb08a). If you are interested in being mentored or becoming a

mentee, click the link!

* An upcoming meetings section (;

* Upcoming UGG Competitions

* The Competitions page ( now also

includes the various competition rules


Glenn took us through the judging criteria for the BMM Short Film

Competition. There were 3 judges, two were from an amateur video making club

in Sydney.and one was from QSFT. This is our once per year serious

competition. The judges were asked to give a numerical rating across the

different categories. Then they were to offer some feedback for each

criteria, as follows:

Overall thoughts:

Glenn had access to all of the results. The process works and is fair. Some

of the results were surprising. The judges opinions were rarely in

agreeance. Sometimes these differences were significant. It is important

that we read the feedback on our entries as we can learn. It is also

important that we take the feedback with a grain of salt. Judging is highly

subjective. It is based on the judges knowledge, experiences of life,

expectations, connections with the material; and the individual unique bias

that comes with all of us. If we have a judge who has particularly been

harsh on us, usually the other two judges help to balance up against that. I

would suggest that maybe for some reason, the judge has not connected with

the material; or has some misperception of the material. My suggestion is

that it is up to us as a movie maker to try to identify these possible

misconceptions or failings before we decide that a movie is 'finished'.

UGG Competition Judging: Theme: People, Passions, Persuasions or Getting

There, with a focus on editing

4 entries were received:

(1) Fire twirler - Glenn: Provided a brief insight into the performing arts

world of a fire twirler, using multiple camera angles and a variety of

non-chronological shots. The editing flowed and suited the material and

audio track. Audio clipping was noticeable. Reviewed by Emily.

(2) The Story Telling Club - Glenn - a brief documentary style production of

the Story Telling Club run by our very own Peter. The message was powerful

although care needs to be taken in choosing the right footage with good

exposure and selecting shots that are in focus. The production would have

been elevated had ambient noise been left in. The reviewer noted that audio

seemed to only work in the left channel. Reviewed by David.

(3) Getting there - Peter - An audio only production of the vagaries of old

age. Whilst the production chose a variety of hand held and tripod shots and

a driving sound track, the lack of dialogue meant that editing errors were

more noticeable as there were no distractions. It is important to try to

match exposure/actor expressions and body positions in jump cuts, and

cutaways need to be consistent (no change in position). The outdoor scenes

were shot outdoors without an ND filter, which the camera operator managed

to just keep under control; however the production could have been further

improved by applying a touch of stabilisation to the hand held shots and

adding colour curves and adjusting brightness and contrast in the edit to

match shots. Lastly, consider leaving in ambient sound. Reviewed by Nigel.

(4) 2 nights before Christmas (A Hallmark X'mas) - Peter - a seasonally

appropriate love story with a fun cliched story line with seriously cheesy

shots. In this production, some of which was shot in public, the editor

needs to balance music with dialogue, and watch the ambient sound levels.

Overall there was a good pace of editing, although a couple scenes could

have been shortened or the editing a bit tighter. Matching shots in jump

cuts is important, such as matching head positioning and eyelines. Reviewed

by Paul

The UGG Winner was 2 Nights before X'mas by Peter and Paul was judged best


After a short break, David then presented:

* All Tied Up by Text Tube Trio - An edgy music video with BDSM undertones featuring David himself

* Coffee and Cigarettes Trailer - shot in black in white with

interesting short conversations; and

Chapter 5 of Auggie Wren's Christmas Story- a story told in full in

dialogue during the movie called Smoke, but retold in images only in the end


Next meeting agenda

- BMM Visioning Workshop with David Wright

- Jenn talking about her recent film course at QSFT and showing off her finished film.

- Recognition program by Peter Waterman.

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