Brisbane Movie Makers

Brisbane Movie Makers (BMM) is an inclusive and friendly club of  passionate movie makers with varying experience, who meet twice monthly to network, learn, share and plan projects. We are always looking for other movie makers to join us and to take on new movie production challenges.

Ugg Competition

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Club meetings offer: guest speakers; technical and creative sessions, upcoming movie crew opportunities; network opportunities; movie screenings; and editing challenges.


BMM offers a range of movie projects throughout any year. These may include:

Carefully planned and scripted short films; 

Casual filming and editing opportunities;

The chance to develop your film ideas.


One of the major strengths of BMM is the depth of knowledge and experience in its long term members. If you are looking for a personal mentor or coach to develop your movie making skills, BMM members are only too happy to assist you.


BMM offers various opportunities for members to gain recognition for their movie products and skills. This includes:

The opportunity to present their movies at club meetings;

The Ugg Trophy voted by members during the Ugg competition;

Our new, upcoming recognition program.


Upcoming Meetings

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