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We're Back, and off to a good start for 2024

Updated: Jan 24

We had 15 attendees for our first meeting in 2024, including two guests: Jarrod and Maxim, who remained throughout the evening.

The meeting was led by Nigel and Glenn. Although Freddie was unable to attend, the guests had an opportunity to meet him virtually (twice) as we viewed interview edits done by Jonathan and Murray for the shoot completed back in September 2023. Under the challenging circumstances of sound, audio and lighting, both produced great edits. 

Admittedly the interviews could have been shot better by me in terms of shot framing, camera placement, talent composition and improved audio, but it wasn't bad for a 'studio' setup, set dressing and 1 take recording with no rehearsal that was accomplished in less than 40 minutes. It's about members having a go and getting involved in the production and editing process. Good onya!

Glenn introduced members to a film bite from renowned Director Ridley Scott, the purpose of which was to stimulate discussion such as "How did they do that?" or directorial decisions made that became iconic shots, Check it out: Ridley Scott Picks a Favorite Shot From Each of His Most Iconic Movies

Glenn then went on to take members through BMM web site updates he has recently undertaken over the holiday break, including a redesigned landing page featuring our Upcoming Meetings, and if you scroll down a bit, Upcoming Events, typically for activities occurring outside the regular meeting hours.

On a side note, Queensland School of Film and Television (QSFT) is hosting a beginners class on audio: over a 4 hour session, QSFT will give you both the theory and plenty of hands on to improve your confidence with recording sound for your films. Early bird is $60. Late is $85. Please email by February 1st if you want to order the tickets together.  Back to the web site: Glenn's also added an Upcoming Projects tab (featuring 'Safe Haven' and 'The Special Ones' by Heather Jones and a Competitions page. The Portfolio tab showcases our past productions and the Blog tab is where our meetings are now documented and form our 'official minutes'.

David then delivered a post script of the Eleven Tomorrows project. His key takeaway is that it was a great idea/concept and was generally well received by the viewing audience. Even though production quality varied, he noted that that was part and parcel of the collaborative filmmaking experience. David noted that some reviewers commented that the linkages to Brisbane and the futures theme was not always clear, and improvements would need to be made if it were to be entered in a film festival. Having said that, Brendon King (Immersify): said, “getting runs on the board most important and highly commendable under the circumstances”. He was presumably referring to the challenges COVID-19 presented us throughout the 18 month long project, as well as the short films being produced on such a no/low budget. David's in discussions with other parties interested in adopting the concept, and is also looking into future screening opportunities.

Jonathon next took us behind the CGI FX he did for The Clown and Hidden for The Eleven Tomorrows using Adobe After Effects. After watching his concise video presentation on how he did it and then rewatching Hidden, I realised I had actually missed many of the CGI additions. See it for yourself. Please join us in thanking Jonathon for taking time to create a video presentation of how he applied his CGI and FX.

Last but not least, Peter showed us a short film montage titled "Confronted in the Botanic Gardens today. Thankfully we both survived!" to round out the evening on a humourous note. Thanks Peter for being such a profuse content creator.

Next meeting 1 February:

  • Film Bites (Glenn)

  • You Are Not Alone: next steps (Peter)

  • Guest presentation (Marc Handler) on Collaborative screenwriting and story telling from an international perspective. Marc will be a virtual guest, beaming in from China. Thanks to David for organising this

  • Showing of UGG Competition entries.

Here is a reminder of your theme options for the Ugg Competition. 

Choose either:

- Festivities/celebration (max 5 minutes)


- 60 second documentary/advertisement. Your entry can be less than 60 seconds, but no longer. You can submit more than one entry i.e. a full 60 second version and a 30 or 15 second 'short'.

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