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To 4K or not 4K by Stewart Gordon

It seems that everywhere you look these days 4K recording is the big subject. The technology is available everywhere from GoPro cameras right up to the top end gear but the question is. How do we use it? I use Edius as my editor and it will handle 4K on the time line ok, BUT, that’s only if its one data stream and if there are not too many filters applied and then the sheer volume of data your pc is expected to handle without drop outs ,is often too much. This is a PC problem and not a failure of Edius or any other editor itself. The following youtube video shows what works with Quick sync available ( This is where intel Quick Sync can come to the rescue which can reduce render out to H264 files by about 80%. It does need some setting up and is only available on a range of intel CPU/chipset options, just look at the intel site for your I5,I7 number and it will show it for you. If you have bought a new PC recently the Quick Sync feature is more than likely already part of the on board video. Thanks to Vashni Visuals for this data comparison and you can see most older PCs just couldn't handle 4K data. See this YouTube article to see that Sony Vegas can also benefit from setting up and using Quick sync. As you can see from this it can be quite difficult to set up and you need to be aware how a plug in video card interacts with the Intel on board video but everyone agrees that once its in use it becomes a huge benefit and speed up of your editing process. Sony Vegas and quick sync So it gets back to the original argument do we need to get into 4K. I can see a point in the future when we have all had to change up to the latest Cameras with 4K capabilities and new PCs capable of managing the enormous data rates on the time line, Then it will be a case of why not record in 4K as it certainly does look so much better. Have a look at this travel video filmed in 4K with a Sony A7r II. Its on the Wolfcrow site about a visit to Srinagar/India. It is on YouTube at 4k but it will only show as good as your monitor will allow.

To 4K or not to 4K? That is the question.

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