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The Mobile Option

For serious movie makers, the option of using smart phones for movie making may seem rather awkward and uncomfortable. To be perfectly honest though, sometimes it could be a lot easier to pull your smart phone out to take some impromptu or random footage. Or it could even be way more convenient to use a smart phone than a DSLR or camcorder. They are lighter, smaller and the quality of the imagery keeps on getting better and better.

Holiday movies make perfect sense for mobile movies. Let's face it, you are surrounding yourself with some of the most beautiful locations in the world; and you have a camera in your pocket- your phone. Take a look at 'Croatia' (See below);

and 'Spin around Tasmania'.

Both were filmed on mobile phones.

A mobile phone can also present an opportunity for some random silliness and fun. You don't have to be young- just young at heart!

With the help of the right tools, the quality of mobile footage can be improved even further. Take for instance the Osmo mobile 3. It is a gimbal for mobile phones. A gimbal provides stability to video footage even when it is taken on a phone. Check this intro to this amazing tool!

Here are two examples of movies taken using a phone stabiliser like the Osmo:

Mobile phones are ever ready. They are in your pocket at all times; they are light and compact; and the quality just keeps getting higher and higher. DSLR's and professional cameras may always contribute a higher image quality for video. But for sheer ease of use, there is a time and a place for mobile phone footage.

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