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Proposed new Recognition and Mentoring Program

At the last meeting, it was proposed that BMM would benefit from introducing a Recognition Program; and as an extra option, a mentoring program. 4 members of the committee had spent an evening discussing how such a program might work, the possible benefits and what the details might look like.

The recognition program is a multistage set of challenges designed to develop the skills of movie makers; and to support them in their learning journey. See the details on Peter Waterman's movie link:

Damian Roache spoke to the value of RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) and argued that such a recognition program should include an RPL component. In other words, where a club member already shows extensive experience and skills, that they are recognised for that and should not have to prove those skills again for recognition.

Neil Reville also made the case that some individuals may have excellent skills in one specific field eg: CGI; lighting; editing; script writing etc. It was proposed that these individuals should be able to be recognised as 'Advanced Lighting operator' (for instance). These individuals should also be encouraged to get the basic movie maker level 'Competent Movie Maker'.

Mentoring was also presented as an option for encouraging and assisting members on their path to development and in fact could guide them through the recognition program. 'Mentoring' is a one-on-one coaching arrangement where a more experienced individual meets with a less experienced individual, working with them on their goals until they are achieved.

All in all, these proposals were enthusiastically received and the committee will be moving forward with implementing these proposals.

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