'Creating Stories - The BMM Scriptwriting Extravaganza' by Peter Waterman

Brisbane Movie Makers Script Writing Competition 2020

- Write a script on any dramatic subject (4-8mins in length)

- Scripts must be practical for BMM to produce and low budget – one (or two) location/s (you should have those in mind), less than 5 actors, no or limited sfx, limited/readily available props, no alien planets

- Use a script writing format

- To be completed by first club meeting in March (5th March)

- Scripts will be sent to an independent judge/s

- The winning script will be the major project of Brisbane Movie Makers for 2020

- The winning scriptwriter has the option to direct the film

- Scripts can be written by a single member of collaboratively by two or more members

- The winning script writer will be announced on April 2nd

- It is envisaged that the film will be shot by the end of July

- The aim will be to enter the finished film into a Film Festival

- A short workshop on this will be given at our first meeting back on January 16th (however you are encouraged to start writing asap)

- -while there is no budget for the filming it would be expected that the club will provide for such things as catering or similar


- Judging Criteria


- - creativity and originality (15)

- (is it unique and different or similar to something/ has the story been expressed in a creative manner?/ does it have an interesting title?)

- - audience appeal (15)

- (will audiences relate to this/ how engaging is it/ does it have broad appeal)

- - characterisations (15)

- (even though short are do characters have specific qualities that are clearly demonstrated)

- - story (25)

- (how well does the story flow?/ is there a clearly identified problem/ conflict to solve/is the opening scene and the ending effective)

- - emotion response (10)

- (how well does the script illicit laughter/sadness/ or other emotions?)

- Practicality (20)

- (how practical is the film to produce/ ease of production gets highest points)

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