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Planning for the future of the club

We had 18 members turn out for the evening. We had one guest who departed before we could really get to meet him during the main break.

Check out our events

If you haven't noticed, our web site features an events section which Glenn demonstrated that can be used to promote premieres, get togethers and outdoor events, such as drone shoots.

Going, Gimbal, Gone Nigel’s sold his lightly used Zhiyun 2 Crane Gimbal + arms (not his real arms, but handles) to the club as the club gimbal has had a long history of battery issues. It will be available for loan in the new year. What's in store for 2024

In a bid to retain membership, it is important that we offer a range of strategies that inspire, encourage and educate us as filmmakers. Riding on the back of one of BMM’s most exciting and optimistic years, Glenn reiterated that it is important that we as a club continue to grow and develop in a creative, planned and optimistic way. We want to continue to attract interest with our website, projects and social media, but is important that we become even better at both attracting and retaining new members. The committee is going to use the Xmas break to come up with a new and exciting plan and engaging activities. Stay tuned.

Eleven Tomorrows How exciting! The Eleven Tomorrow is undergoing a Digital Cinema Process (DCP) conversion and is coming in at 128 minutes long, although at 24p, that might stretch out to be a wee bit longer. David advised it features a total of 14 films (13 fiction, 1 non-fiction). Check out the FaceBook profile.

UGG Flora and Fauna or an event We had a total of 9 entries for the UGG this time around:

01 Event - Brisbane Pro-Choice Rally - a first person run and gun coverage of a pro-choice rally held in Brisbane last year, narrated and submitted by Freddie.

02 Event - Matsuri Brisbane - a music based promotional video of the event of the same name, submitted by David

03 Event - Peace and Conflict - a mockumentary of the events and turmoil leading up to the recent US presidential election, narrated by an AI voice and submitted by Nigel

04 Flora and Fauna - Cowra Japanese Garden - a short and beautifully shot and narrated documentary describing the history and beauty of the Cowra Japanese garden, narrated and submitted by Paul

05 Flora and Fauna - Early Morning Light - an exploration in early morning cinematography, narrated and submitted by Peter

06 Flora and Fauna - Forest Lake - a short documentary about the man made Forest Lake, narrated and submitted by Glenn

07 Flora and Fauna - Garden Chat - a short humorous animation involving two sunflowers, submitted by Freddie

08 Flora and Fauna - It Started in the Eighteen Sixties - a delightful and colourful presentation highlighting the history of the Jacarandas that are in flower every spring around Brisbane, narrated and submitted by Murray

09 Flora and Fauna - Less noise - a short interview of gladioli farming, also demonstrating the power of noise reduction software, submitted by Stewart

The winner, by almost unanimous decision, was Cowra Japanese Garden, submitted by Paul. Congratulations Paul. That UGG Trophy should be renamed the Paul Trophy as you keep on winning it!

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