One Minute Ugg

Last night at our BMM October Ugg competition, there were 7 movies entered into the running. They were all of a high standard and thoroughly enjoyable. Peter Waterman won the competition with his convincing and beautiful Brisbane River Nightscape. Beautiful imagery combined with his typical soothing and inspiring narration made this film hard to beat.

There was a variety of other movies that included spectacular drone scenes, lively entertainment; a behind the scenes of BMM movie production; and a controversial interview about home birthing. Fitting this into the one minute criteria was quite a challenge, but we all managed to achieve this goal.

One thing that could have been improved was more notice taken of the theme. It was supposed to be a one minute documentary. Although very enjoyable films; and only one minute- I am not convinced that some of these movies were documentaries. Perhaps if we do this one again, we first explore 'What is a documentary?'

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