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A big night of movies at BMM

A moderately healthy turn out of 23, six of whom were guests.


Adam was unable to attend after having a digestive disagreement with some seafood from the day before. Neal had a bit of a health scare and was recovering at home. We wish them both a speedy recovery.


We were treated to a joint and entertaining mother and daughter presentation by Veronica and Allycia from Bus Stop Films, an organisation which leads inclusive filmmaking on both sides of the camera through education, content creation and advocacy with a focus on those with disability and other under-represented groups.

Bus Stop Films:

EDUCATES - Through pioneering Accessible Film Studies Program gives the skills and opportunities to people with mild to moderate intellectual disability. CREATES - Creates premium world class inclusively made content that focuses on creating opportunities for people with disability. ADVOCATES - Advocates for inclusivity in the film industry and lead by example. The content and programs showcase the skills and capability of the students and emerging filmmakers. FACILITATES- Actively seeks pathways and student opportunities onto professional film sets and industry workplaces for its students.

What Makes Bus Stop Films so awesome?

They are the global leaders in inclusive filmmaking and have made more than 60 films winning over 100 awards with over 47 million viewers. They are a national organisation with 200 students across the country and 18 programs currently being delivered. They have employed over 1000 people with disability in the film industry since their inception 14 years ago. They help to educate and build the confidence and capacity of the film industry to employ people with disability through their consultancy.

Do you want to get on the bus? are always looking for incredible people to join them on the #inclusivefilmmaking journey. They are creating 20 short films in 2023 and are seeking funding for these films, and are always looking for crew members who want to give back to the industry and mentor their students.

We were then treated to two exclusive video presentations. Unfortunately they couldn't share them with us, but here's a synopsis:


Glenn encouraged members to check out our our website and click on the button 'Press to see what's on' or simply scroll down to the Upcoming Events.

It also features activities conducted outside of club meetings, such as Gimbal Play (18 March), Drone Operation (2 April) and a nature shoot (23 April). Places are sometimes limited, so you gotta get in quick!.


David advised he may have another project called Hidden Love by Michael Major in the works. David is likely to achieve his 11 movie target! He's Looking for an 18 year old actor who looks 15, and a CGI artist for special FX.

Sadly, David advised that he has lost his studio due to logistical reasons, but will set up shop at a new location after 20 March.

UGG COMPETITION - Your Community: People/Places

We were then treated to no less than 6 UGG competition entries, with the theme of Your Community: People/Places.

01 Keith's Mustang by Glenn

02 Blokes in Sheds by Stewart

03 Conversations With Myself - the early years by Peter

04 Community by Murray

05 Matsuri Brisbane by David

06 The Bat Lady by Stewart

The next UGG competition is on April 20th, with the theme being a 30 second advertisement or a music video. Peter provided us with an example of his ad for the upcoming St Patrick's Day parade.

The UGG competition after that on May 4th is themed Using your mobile phone to create, shoot or produce your next (Spielberg) production. He showed us another great example of creating an Advert using his mobile phone. May the 4th be with you!

Peter encouraged/urged members to get involved. Michael will be keeping a running tally to see if we can create a new annual club record.


Directors cut

Hero - Sally

A Matter of Choice - Glenn

We may get to see Directors cut from Neal once he has recovered.

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