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What's your movie making goal?

What a great evening we had last night! We welcomed 4 guests – Susan, Alex, David and Ruth.

Highlights of the evening included

- Outline of the new Google Pixel 7 pro which is the top rated camera phone on DXO Mark ratings

- David Wright kept us informed about the “11 Tomorrow’s” which is going along nicely. Congratulations to David for all the work and expertise he is putting into this.

- Our guest David spoke about Heather’s film “Custody” that is currently in the early stages of production. It is a wonderful concept and should produce well on the screen.

- Four excellent films shown in the UGG Competition – Earth Song, Flora, Ibis, Giuseppe Garabaldi.

Congratulations to Murray Mills in winning the UGG Competition for his very interesting, informative and colourful film about the Ibis.

Congrats also to Col for his Can Can Flora film where the images expertly matched the music.

- Four outstanding reviews from Damian, Neal, Michael and David. Congratulations to Damian for a brilliant review – covering all aspects of the film (and voted the best of the night by members). A special mention also to Neal for his very positive and helpful review.

- Thanks Glenn for inspiring us on Movie Making Goals and three good ways to achieve them – become a crew member of a film, follow a youtube film instruction movie and try those ideas yourself (see below for an opportunity). Here are the links to the example youtube videos:

- Thank you to Glenn, Damian and Jenn for your assistance in running the evening.

Next meeting 3rd November.

- “Salami” a film Premiere and discussion by Paul Michels and Murray Mills

- “One Person Shoots” by Peter.

- Recognition Program and Movie Goal Setting (Glenn and Peter)

Filming Opportunity.

- Nature Shooting (Leaving Glenn’s Place 6am tomorrow Sat morning) bring a camera, phone, drone or go pro. Contact Glenn if you are interested.

BMM Showcase 1st December – the program is nearly full but still 15 minutes available if you have a film send it to Glenn.

Thanks all and happy travelling till we meeting again



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