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What can possibly go wrong in preparing for a shoot - absolutely everything, according to Neal.

Glenn presided over the proceedings for the evening, giving Peter a break.

Nigel (club secretary) set the AGM for 1st of June 2023

  • 20 attended the meeting, including 3 guests: Michael, Malcolm and Maddy.

  • Thanks to Murray & Adam - attending Hub clean-up day.

11 Tomorrows update

  • David is vacating his studio due to logistical issues.

  • He is happy with the overall progress of the various productions in the works, and is hoping to launch some time around June.

  • At least 5 productions are in post productions.

Hidden pitch - Michael, Maddy and Malcolm

  • Maddy delivered her pitch via FaceTime from Darwin.

  • It’s 23rd July 2032, the day of the Brisbane Olympics Opening Ceremony, and an estranged grandfather and grandson grudgingly must spend the day together. Spending the day using a sightseeing Treasure Hunt App, the two discover a love for each other they never thought they would have. And …Win the last tickets to the opening ceremony.

  • They have their cast, colour themes, editors, shooting schedule and locations worked out but are still looking for a DOP and a soundie.

Time & Time Again - Neal

  • Shooting commenced at Studio 133

  • Had many casting challenges, delaying shooting from June to November: illness, personal family circumstances,

  • Lost a key leading lady cast member, whose mother got involved in the casting process, forcing her having to withdraw at the last minute

  • Engaged a replacement leading lady, a fire dancer and international model

  • BUT, then her agent then got involved, and she started getting competing work offers

  • The studio became inaccessible so David offered his family home (whilst they were on vacation), which dictated the shooting schedule. Unfortunately cast availability reduced the shooting schedule from 3 weeks to 6 days in January

  • Part way through the shoot, the model advised she had a job in Europe, so a 3 day schedule had to be reduced to 1, but on the final day of the shoot, council lawn mowers showed up, and took great pains and pleasure in disrupting the shoot, including showering the model in grass clippings

  • In Feb, Neal went North to get B Roll from the Sunshine Coast, which coincided with the day of a heat wave and a change in Neal's medication. Neal subsequently experienced a serious medical episode the day after, but lived to tell the tale

  • Neal is convinced his production was jinxed, and despite all the setbacks, still managed to get something in the can! It's being edited now. Let's hope his editing system doesn't have a hissy fit of its own!

A Matter of Choice - Glenn

  • Casted thru StarNow, just a couple of hiccups of no-shows and the occasional email miscommunication, which was a learning experience

  • But cast who did show up did so prepared and Glenn recorded the auditions, which he showed a snippet of to the members

  • The shoot was delayed a week due to COVID-19 and Glenn lost one of his cast as a result, then on shooting day, Glenn's laptop was misplaced accidentally by the DOP (sorry), resulting in frantic calls to Macca's. (The moral of the story here is to bump in your own gear :-))

  • Hired a limo and at the end of the shoot, the drone got tangled in a tree, but he managed to recover it undamaged (apart from his pride). (Note to self: When you hit the auto return to base function, the drone rises straight before attempting to land. Not good when you are trying to land under a tree)

  • Shoot included a dream sequence involving a Mustang, kids and a baby

  • Editing is well in hand - just need music, foley and colour grading

  • Glenn closed his presentation with a short trailer/teaser

Hero - Sally

  • Sally provided an update of her feature length production, with only 'one' disaster when she lost one location (a medical practice)

  • She filmed all through 2022 and it is now with the editor. Sally showed two scenes from her production.

Odds and sods of club equipment - Peter

  • Murray and Peter have been sorting through some of the IndroHall gear and done a cull, partly to recover storage and partly to get rid of old club paraphernalia.

  • Peter mentioned that a lot of the club gear purchased is being under utilised, and reminded members that such equipment is available for hire to members: Panasonic S5, the GoPro kit, a BeachTek XLR audio adapter that allows you to take XLR audio inputs to 3.5mm stereo mic in, lighting, sound kits, a teleprompter, amongst other video gear.

Music videos - Ross

  • Ross showcased 2 music videos of Dani, a 38 year old singer and cancer survivor & battler

  • He showed Stand by me and Black velvet

Next meeting

  • UGG Competition

  • 6 April 30 second advertisement or a music video.

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