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Wanda Out West

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Hi All BMM Members

Our "Wanda Out West" tour has been going fantastic thus far. I have been fortunate to meet so many interesting people and have been able to document yarns I have had with them. I have produced 11 movies so far with another 6 or so waiting to be edited.

Produced movies include;

Gil Weir Magic

Miles Historical Village

Keith Shepperd Story

Errol Gray - The Backyard Balladeer


Cobb and Co - A Dusty Ride

Ranglands Rift

Porcupine Gorgeous

A Royal Story - Geraldine Couhlan

An Englishman in the Outback - Matt Hawkins


Others coming include Gregory North (Australia's Bush Poetry Champion; Wanita (Australia's Queen of Honky Tonk and star of movie "I Am Wanita"; a story about Steve (who is walking around Australia via cart) and Ken Scardon - the barefoot mechanic.

The Vision Splendid Film Festival at Winton was great and I managed to get lots of contacts for BMM (have handed out about a dozen business cards to interested people).

The difficulty I have is with editing. I am doing it on a laptop and finding places with internet has been challenging. Often I have been editing at 6am in the morning sitting in the back of the North Gregory Hotel while in Winton. Today .I am in the library of the tiny town of Isisford (population 218).

Anyway if anyone is interested I have decided to post my videos on this trip to youtube and the link is below

We are still away for 2 more weeks and I look forward to catching up with you all when I return.

See you down the track.


Peter and Trish

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