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Time for a tool test

A phone used to be a device for talking to people over distances. Now they are literally a multitool. Video is one of the key features that some buyers are looking for in a phone now. Peter Waterman took his new iphone 14 Pro for a spin.

Focus on iPhone

Peter has put together 5 short films, all shot and edited on the iPhone.

  • Brisbane - a video montage shot in the CBD, Brisbane River, the Brisbane Eye and surrounds.

  • iPhone features - cinematic mode, action mode (stabilised), 240 fps slow mo, portrait mode with studio light.

  • iPhone sound - good close, but not so if you are more than about 60 cm away from the iPhone. You will need an external mic.

  • Neewer rig for iPhone - had to get a USB C to lightning cable for the GO II to be able to plug into mic into the iPhone when mounted on the rig.

  • Nowhere Man - a short film starring our own David and Jenn.

A Bunch of Amateurs

Damian provided an update on 'A Bunch of Amateurs', which showed at the Brisbane International Film Festival - about the resilience of a movie club that grew from 11 members and GBP 50 and experienced phenomenal growth after its showing. The most quintessentially British working-class filmmaking club, Bradford Movie Makers’ members grow old amid flickering memories and the brutal reckoning of their final years. Desperately clinging to their dreams, and to each other, fuelled by endless cups of tea, this quietly hilarious, profoundly moving portrait of shared artistic folly speaks to the delusional escapist dreamer in us all and to the need to spend time together face to face in an increasingly lonely, digital age:

11 Tomorrows

Studio has experienced a 25% increase in rent

Tom is waiting for music, currently working on 8 pieces of music

Rachel is available for costuming

The Clown is in post-production

Program for 2023

What are your aims for film making? What do you enjoy? What would you like to do for the UGG Competitions. Peter canvassed the members with a short survey.

Members were canvassed for their 2023 goals:

Heather - is a script writer, consultant and script editor

Damian - enjoys promoting the club and wants to get involved in a production

David - making the 11 Tomorrow's a success

Nigel - supporting and giving back to the community through involvement in not for profit projects

Peter - supporting the club and also giving back to the community, learning how to use the green screen, shoot more movies on his iPhone, involve members in short movies, involve members in running club activities

Neal - technical ability of the club is low compared to technical capability

Our end of year showcase is the next meeting on 1 December 2022

Bring a plate (sweet/savoury) and a beverage to drink if you want something other than tea or coffee.

Author: Nigel O'Neill.

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