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BMM meeting 21/10/21

Tonight there were 3 promotional videos presented:

Peter Waterman promoted the club with an interview approach, mixed with his usual blend of unique Waterman humour.

Glenn Bruce presented a trailer for the upcoming BMM short film awards. It is a visual promotion with a happy upbeat music backing, inviting viewers to experience 17 short films at the cinema.

Nigel O’Neill promoted the club with a very young sounding, fast moving action promotion. It was highly engaging and very well edited.

Michael Ming reviewed Peter’s film. He came well prepared noting the titles when people spoke and the tracking shot as positive points. He loved the outro with Emily’s positivity. A very encouraging and positive review.

Paul Michaels reviewed Glenn’s film and particularly liked that it presented a varied selection of what we would see at the film event. Describing it as a ‘slow burner’ building the message as it goes. Fair point that the info at the end was not on for long enough, suggesting that the logo could have been used throughout. Another suggestion was that more audio could have been used. He otherwise felt that it was an effective promotional video.

Col Tretheway reviewed Nigel O’Neill’s ad. Col loves the challenge of a 1 minute movie. Arguing that a promotional video should highlight the brand and activities and that this film does just that. The strong music suggests action and it deliberately targets a young audience well. Maybe we should have seen more female members and hit the changes to the beat of the music.

Peter Waterman then opened the floor to a discussion on the Ugg Competition. The issue is that out of 35 members, only 7 have entered a movie in the last 12 months. Suggesting that we take the ‘competition’ out of it and have one night per month that is all about showing and reviewing movies. These movies could be aligned to the recognition program that members could work to. Members showing movies could then identify and ask their own reviewer. The point was raised that if we had more notice about upcoming Ugg competitions, we would have more entries. However, these were advised at the beginning of the year. Also, Peter has been giving two months notice on upcoming competitions. This discussion also raised the subject of mentoring, which was thrown around.

After an extended networking supper, David Wright took the floor with his exciting proposals for next year. Firstly, it is proposed that we have a conference early in the new year that is focussed on future directions of the club. Secondly, it was proposed that we engage in a feature length film that is composed of 11 short films, directed by different BMM directors, all with a ‘futures’ focus. These ideas have been run past the committee who have endorsed these ideas. Some questions were posed from the members to David, but it seems that the ideas were (in concept, with care moving forward) mostly supported.

Nigel O’Neill won the Ugg Competition tonight. Col Tretheway won the ‘best reviewer’. Congratulations to you both on excellent work.

Cheers, Glenn Bruce

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