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The emotional response to colour and chocolate

Updated: Jun 29

We had 14 attendees at our meeting on 20 June 2024

Apologies: Sarah, Pamela

Film Bite

It was Peter's turn to present the film bite called The Idea - Cinematic Short Film shot on the Sony A7IV which comprised of no less than 68 different shots over a 3 minute dialogue free short film with great sound design, interesting and engaging shot variety, audio folio FX, bokeh and a mix of framing composition.

"Together" update

Peter provided an update on his project as follows:

  1. Stuart and Shadow (1 more scene) editing done

  2. Keeping It Together (3 hours of filming (June 30th) plus editing to do 

  3. Fishers of Men (4 major interviews done; B roll to do; and day of carwash plus editing to do) - Cameraman and drone at carwash needed

  4. Bus Stop Films (commercial shoots and two major interviews) - No assistance needed

  5. Anzac Day – Australia Together (a few major interviews needed and final editing) - One person assistance needed

  6. The Lady Beetles - big day in city, 4 scenes/locations

- July 6th (one cameraperson needed 5-30am till midday); major editing project) - 4 camera people, lighting person
- August 31st in place at Albert St Uniting - to be advised

Not to be one to rest on his laurels, Peter has a few other projects in the pipeline:

  • Men’s and Women’s Wellbeing (begin shooting B roll and interviews July 7th) - no assistance needed

  • Wishart Parkrun (waiting for official person) - 4 camera people but NO drone

If that wasn't enough, he's wanting to do minor bits:

  • Old People and Togetherness

  • Tai Chi in park - drone needed

If you are able to assist, contact Peter or bail him up the next club meeting.

Men's Shed

Jenn recently helped out in a Men's Shed promotional video as a gaffer doing lighting. It was shot by one of their own members on BlackMagic cameras with nice bokeh, creative shots and slick editing. Thanks Jenn for sharing.

REMINDER: Brisbane Movie Makers Script Writing Competition 2024

- Write a script on any dramatic subject (4-8mins in length)

- Scripts must be practical for BMM to produce and low budget – one (or two) location/s (you should have those in mind), less than 5 actors, no or limited sfx, limited/readily available props, no alien planets

- Use a script writing format. Suggested software is Celtx, Fade In or StudioBinder.  For the fundamentals of script writing, watch this excellent video:Anatomy of a screenplay.

- To be pitched at the club meeting on 4 July 2024

- The winning script will be the major project of Brisbane Movie Makers for 2024-25. It is envisaged that the film will be shot by the end of 2024.

- Scripts can be written by a single member of collaboratively by two or more members (if you wish just to write a story and get someone from the club to assist you in transferring into a script that is acceptable also)

- There is a small prize of $1,000 that will be awarded to the winning script to go towards its production and filming, but it is a stipulation that the winning screenwriter be a current member of BMM and remain actively involved/committed throughout the production process.  

UGG Competition

We had 7 entries across the 3 themes, with Glenn taking out the popular choice award for hsi Drones on Holiday short film. Well done Glenn, and great work for those who submitted entries:

3 Glenn - The Zones (Emotions as Colours)

Using AI to make movies

Stewart presented to members how we can use various AI applications that are (mostly) freely available. The apps he used included:

1. Copilot.

2. Paint and its option Cocreator

3. Microsoft, Clipchamp.

4. Speechelo.

Stewart demonstrated how he used these apps in various ways to provide the basis of a possible movie script: From an original question he asked Copilot about an old couple in a garden discussing different ways to use a watering can. It then not only produced a picture of them arguing over a bright yellow watering can but then gave a good dialog two pages long with their names and their interaction, including dialog. From this it would have been very easy to create a full script for a short movie. From the text returned he used the Speechelo app to turn it into speech and used different voice options for each character. He used these voices to play back to the audience for the night just what the dialog was. A caveat of these free tools is that whatever you create is shared on the web.

Paint and Cocreator is also very useful to create pictures from a suggestion to use in any presentation. It appears from recent comments on the internet that Microsoft is playing around with how Copilot is presented to the display and via the keyboard , so things are still being worked out to make it easier to use. Stewart finally discussed using Sora which converts text to very convincing a life like videos.

Upcoming Meeting Agenda

Thursday 4 July

Film Bite: Glenn

Special guest: David Renn - artist, creature effects.

Preparing for your edit- Nigel

Script competition due - give pitches and hand in

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