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Stories from the Web

Meeting dated 2nd Feb

18 members attended tonight.



  • The AGM is being held on Thursday 20 April 2023!

  • Get your nominations ready for President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary positions.

Stories from the web - Stewart Gordon

Stewart explained how he used free collaboration and production tools to document, produce and record the tales of HMQS Guyundah and HMQS Paluma in Brisbane:

He used these tools to gather and organise his information/research (Milanote), record (stream) himself speaking to to camera (OBS) using the club's teleprompter screen and present (Ashampoo Presenter) to the club.

After the break we watched two short films 'NY2022' from Michael Ming and 'Breakwater' from Peter Waterman.

BMM Roles for 2023

Peter described non-committee roles that the club is looking to fill from the member base e.g. web site coordinator (updating events, UGG competitions and blogs), welcoming officer (Val), film festivals/events (e.g. 48 hour film festival - communicate to members), audio visual operator, hub liaison (Peter), marketing officer (Damian), club history officer, film activities coordinator (practical club activities at a location shoot using a drone, gimbal, woven into a simple story). Thanks to Paul Michael for volunteering to take over management of the club website.

Club Events Coming up

Here's a sneak peak at what's coming up in the next year so that you can start your creative process now and submit your entries.

BMMCalendar of Events2023 Feb 2nd Feb 16th – Directors Stories Sally – The Making of Hero Glenn – A Matter of Choice Neal – Time and Time Again Peter – Mascot

March2nd UGG Your community – people/places “Bus Stop Films” Presentation

March16th Video making tech or product reviews or using gear 3 workshops

April 6th

Spot available- nothing planned yet. Voting on whether to cancel as it is the day before Easter.

April 20th AGM UGG 30 Sec Ad or Music Video

May4th Mobile Phone Films

May 18th 3 workshops

June1st UGG Growth/birth or decline/death1

June 15th Film Showing

July 6th Murder at Moviemakers -a Short Film

July 20th 3 workshops

August3rd UGG Nature vs Industry or colours

August 17th Action Cam movies

September7th UGG Film NOIR or short story

Sept 21st 3 workshops

October5th Night of Interviews

October 19th

spot free

November2nd UGG Events or flora and fauna

November 16th John Roberts Evening at Cinema

Next meeting

”Goals and Roles” for 2023

16 Feb 2023 - A few directors of the 11 Tomorrows productions will be presenting their "Directors Stories"

Sally Elliot - The making of Hero

Glenn Bruce - A Matter of Choice

Neal Reville - Time and Time Again

Peter Waterman - Mascot

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