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New web page provides opportunities

As indicated at the previous BMM club meeting, I have created a new page for our WIX website entitled ‘Upcoming Projects’. I truly believe that this is a positive initiative that could keep all of us in touch with the film projects within our club and consequently, the opportunities to be involved with them. Furthermore, those external to our club will see these opportunities and some will want to participate. This could lead to new members and easier access to fulfilling the roles we are seeking to fill.

It does not matter, if you are wanting to create a fully crewed serious production or to just do a simple two person shoot. Can I ask that you post your project details on this page so that members and possibly outsiders can support you? Heather Jones has two excellent and real examples already of what your post might look like. I have also created a post. Jenn Wallace responded to this and we had a fun time making our ad about plastic.

What you need to identify includes the following: What are you making?; What roles do you need filled? When do you plan to shoot? Your personal email so they can contact you directly.

When a project has been completed, I will identify it as complete, or remove it from the page.

Simply type an email to me outlining the details of your movie project. My personal email is .

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