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New Committee elected

AGM 7 September

Our AGM was finally held and we welcomed in President Freddie, Vice president Glenn , Secretary Nigel, Treasurer Paul and Committee members Michael & Adam .

Showing and judging of an UGG competition , with the themes of telling a short story or film noir Glenn showed Chasing Respectasaurs (short story) followed by Fatal transaction by Peter (film noir), My short story from Stewart (short story) and Yowie by Peter (short story). The winner by 1 vote was Yowie by Peter. Unfortunately Glenn's entry cannot be uploaded due to not having permission to release it publicly

General Meeting 21 September

19 in attendance

Our newly minted President took over the reins with aplomb:

Trivia Freddie broke the ice with a bit of Trivia and some yummy confectionary rewards. Nothing like bribing your way into our hearts via our stomachs ha ha!

My journey as a film maker: Freddie Freddie provided a very brief intro, which got fleshed out later in the Interview component of the evening: In 1990, Freddie attended a Disney read through for an audition, which he 'bombed' but was allowed to reaudition by the casting director, but instead, after watching 6 actors audition, decided he preferred being a Director. It forever change the trajectory of his movie making career from actor to Director. He showed us two videos from his Vimeo channel. Search for Freddie Lee Jones III and then look for his two film shorts:

11 Tomorrows update David advised that overall the films are 90% done and there are two new films in the pipeline - either way, he will have 11 films. He's commenced promoting the 11 Tomorrow's

Premiere screening: Elizabeth Street Cinema on November 16 from 6:30-9 PM, so please keep this date free and invite all your friends once the invitation system is up and running.



  • Col is looking for a vox pop person, with himself on camera and Glenn on Gimbal

  • Parking at Wesley Hospital (est $23)

  • If you are available, contact Col

How to Shoot an Interview Nigel next outlined 10 steps to setting up and filming an interview, literally setting it up in record time (<20 minutes), before Murray proceeded to interview our newly minted President, Freddie Lee Jones III. Amazingly, it was a one take only effort! Thanks to Murray and Freddie for volunteering to be the interviewer and interviewee at 10 seconds notice and thanks to Murray and Jonathan for offering to edit it.

Planning * What is your content objective e.g. to inform, entertain, inspire? * Who is your audience? * What is your theme / message?

Talent Interview videos have two types of talent: your interviewer and your interviewee(s). For interviewers that appear on camera, you’ll want to pick someone experienced with interviewing as their role will be to help interview subjects feel at ease, and as a result, prompt engaging responses. You may also want someone who has an appropriate knowledge base for answers to questions posed to interviewees like experts or thought leaders.

Research Following on from above, a practised interviewer will research their interviewee to not only get an understanding of how they fit within the goal of your video and audience, but also discover what’s interesting about them.

Interview questions Create a list of questions in advance, and think about what answers you’re looking for and where those may take your conversation.

Location When filming an interview, it helps to shoot in a location that gives context, so think about your topic and plan your visuals accordingly. And if necessary, dress your set.

Camera setup Consider camera placement, framing and eye lines, and obviously white balancing, exposure and matching the 'look'. Lighting As much as there are topics like 3-point lighting, it’s often a case of ‘the simpler, the better’ for interviews such as using natural light. The key is ensuring both your interviewer and interviewee are well-lit, and don't forget about using bounce lighting and soft boxes and, if possible, avoid mixing studio lighting with flouros, which tend to look green. In our case, we only had 2 lights which were casting ugly shadows, so we bounced the light off the ceiling.

Framing Interview framing, like lighting, errs on the simple side for a natural, authentic feel. This typically involves a mix of medium a.k.a. mid shots (from the waist up) and close-ups; for example, starting with a mid shot of both the interviewer and the interviewee when filming the interviewer’s question, then switching to a close-up of the interviewee for their answer. Watch out for distracting objects in the background!

Audio Audio is one of those things that’s often forgotten about (until problems are discovered later!) — so it pays to check your audio before you hit record. You’ll want a separate microphone plus transmitter and receiver in addition to your camera’s inbuilt mic, to record clear, crisp sound; headphones to playback your audio are also essential. If using a lavalier / lav or lapel mic, clip it between the first and second buttons (or equivalent e.g. a collar) on your talent’s shirt, and avoid rogue bumps and noises from hair, jewellery etc. And hide any protruding cables.

Editing Once you’ve reviewed your footage and are happy with what you’ve captured, it’s finally time for post-production. This is where your editor will group your shots and cut them together into a coherent story, the final version of which will be your interview video

Cutaways Don't forget to film some cutaways and noddy shots!

Next Meetings 5th October Three workshops - lighting (Freddie); writing (Heather); acting (Aveena)

19th October Showcase of the best films this year

2nd November UGG: Events or Flora and Fauna - approximately 5 minutes long

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