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Meeting Notes 20th May, 2021

Guests: Steve and Amit Amit is producing a web based series called 'Different worlds' on YouTube. The pilot is here Definitely worth a watch as it attempts to bridge the cultural and human relationship gaps in multicultural contemporary societies like Australia by coming out of the comfort zone and through love/friendship. QSFT runs short 4 hour courses on the weekend between $60 (for early birds) and $85 per session on anything from producing, lighting and sound. BMM Members are encouraged to attend The Committee is planning an auction at the meeting on 17th June, 2021. Proceeds go to BMM to purchase equipment. We’d like you to start gathering together any items such as video and photographic equipment or anything your partner has been telling you to get rid of for a while. Bring this with you the evening of the auction. We suggest no more than 3 items per person. Money raised from this auction will enable the club to purchase some items from our Wish list. Pop Up Movie Presentations (Mystery Top Shelf Performers). The script were developed over a week and all 3 were were filmed over an evening.

  • A Tangled Tango (Peter) - an awkward comedy on contemporary dating between 2 young women

  • Forever Young (Kathleen) - a short drama of a relationship breakup shot in black and white

  • How Not to Interview (Emily) - How not to conduct a job interview for an engineering firm

Congratulations to Emily and Kathleen for their creativitivity, enthusiam, acting abilities, focus, vision and sense of direction and then presenting their amazing debut movies to our group. Kudos to Peter for leading the editing. A short video presentation followed by Ross who was the editor of a supplied script, "The Hospital", which was part of a film school project. It was 90% labour and 10% creativity, and involved lots of reshoots and safety shoots 'just in case'. After the break, the room was reconfigured for 3 rotating workshops (3x20mins)

  • Murray - demonstrating a professional movie cameras - white balance, focus, zoom, sound levels, stabilisation basics

  • Glenn - using a DJI Osmo gimbal on a mobile phone with Mimo software as a light and functional alternative for recording your videos, which can then be edited in iMovie on your iPhone

  • Peter - fun with editing on a mobile phone using Power Director

Next meeting: June 3rd Ugg competition: Options earth, air, fire, water or a story with no sound Murray will present his Journey as a film maker.

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