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John Roberts Trophy 2021

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

The 'John Roberts Trophy' is BMM's annual serious movie making competition. It is also heaps of fun. This year we are hoping to make it bigger and better than ever. It will be a testament to the variety of work that has been conducted this year.

It will be different this time. Beginning with a name change for the event- we propose that we call the event 'BMM Film Awards'. The name of the individual competition will remain unchanged as the 'John Roberts Trophy'.

We will have a special venue that matches the importance and prestige of the event. This evening will be held at 'Elizabeth Cinema' in Brisbane City. We have booked a 60 seat cinema. Tickets will be $30 each, which will include $15 for your movie ticket; and $15 for foods that will be served to us afterwards.

The 60 seat 'Harper Room'

We get to invite our nearest and dearest to share the bigger picture of our movie making interest on the big screen. Invite your partner, child or a close friend to share in what you are a part of.

There will be two categories of trophies this year: Club movies; and individual award.

'Club movies' refer to those movies that were truly a club project with several individuals collectively responsible for its creation.

'Individual Award' will be for a film that was largely the work of one individual* who takes ownership of a specific film.

*That individual may have utilised the support of others for certain roles such as camera and sound etc, but the film is creatively their product.

Judging for this competition is a more serious endeavour than our more frequent Ugg Competitions. It is where we invite external people to volunteer to judge our films. The idea of this is to avoid bias and to receive fair judging. Ideally, we will have 3 judges who will enter their scores and comments* via an online judging system that is kindly provided by Sydney Video Makers Club.

* Depending on judges available time and commitments.

Judging Criteria

Audience Appeal/ Entertainment Value- 30 points

How well did this video entertain/ interest you/ touch you emotionally/ educate you?

Points will be totalled and averaged across the 3 judges.

Creativity/ Originality/ Approach to Subject- 20 points

Was there something special which really contributed to the quality of this work?

Cinematography/ Camera Techniques- 15 points

Appropriate composition and framing/ variety of angles/ Exposure/ lighting/ steady and focus.

Editing and titles- 20 points

Continuity/ colour grading/ duration of shots/ appropriate transitions/ clear and suitable titles.

Audio and Sound- 15 points

Level and clarity of any narrative dialogue, ambient noise, special effects and music.

Previous Winner

The 2020 winner of the John Roberts Trophy was Peter Waterman with his entry 'A not so clever Con'. The runner up was Col Tretheway's 'Pretty Little Liar'. Check them out again. Can you see why they both did very well?

What does the judging look like?

After judging a movie on the above categories, the judging system automatically gives a total of these scores from each judge (see my example below). From here, an average score based on the three judges is calculated. The winner of the trophy will be the movie(s) with the highest average score.

When is it?

Put Wednesday 24th November in your calendar. The evening will commence at 6:30 and go till 9pm. Entries Close Saturday 9th October.

We are pleased to advise that thanks to Emily's hard work, we have Brisbane City Council as a major sponsor; and QSFT as a minor sponsor. Well done Emily and thanks very much to our sponsors.

The BMM Film Awards is our 'night of the year'. Let's celebrate it by making sure that we put our best movies forward; and bringing someone special to share this wonderful evening. Let's get in early and buy our tickets well in advance (when tickets are made available, we will let you know). See you there!

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