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It's a wrap!

Our end of year / Christmas Showcase featured a turnout of at over 40 members and guests who were treated to the wonderful MC'ing skills of Peter Waterman and a nearly 2 hour long showcase of movies celebrating member productions made in the last 12 months, such as Lies & Love (re-edit), Cradle Mountain and The Salami Makers. Audience members were treated to dramas, documentaries, drone footage, advertisements and promotional videos and really didn't know what was to come next. We certainly experienced 'Storytelling through the Lens tonight.'

Besides the movie extravaganza, guests and members were also given the red carpet treatment (see photos), a light supper and a bit of bubbly and vino to celebrate the evening.

The Showcase ends the BMM year on an extraordinarily high note, given the challenges that COVID-19 has posed amongst multiple amateur film making clubs in the past 3 years, with some closing their doors for good. Whilst it is still throwing us curve balls, we have been resilient enough to weather the storm. Whilst our Punny President Pete acknowledged committee members and members for their contributions, he humbly overlooked acknowledging himself in being the driving force behind the club. There were multiple past presidents in the audience who would agree with me that the last 3 years of the pandemic, floods and movement in the movie making industry to reality TV and instant low quality YouTube content that appeals to "Generation Now", would have been more than enough to handle for 1 president, yet Peter has steadily guided us through those turbulent times.

Whilst one respected member during a recent club meeting observed that the technical skills of the club were not where it needed to be, he also acknowledged that creativity and enthusiasm were at an all time high, which is a healthy sign for any amateur movie making club. We look forward to you joining us in 2023 for more movie-making fun, collaborations, friendships and celebrations and telling your stories through the lens.

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