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Film Making in 2021 at BMM

We learn best by doing.

Take the opportunity to make films – there are many opportunities in 2021.

Also take the opportunity to loop into our Recognition Program – whether it be Competent, Advanced or Master. Forms for these will be available at any meeting and kept at the club.

Our UGG competition will focus on particular foci of our recognition program

UGG Competition themes

21st January – 60 sec drama or cookery (focus drama or narration)

4th March – Nth vs Sth in 48 hr type film challenge – Team UGG Competition (focus – innovation)

22nd April - Fantasy/Magic or Silent Movie (at least 50% fast motion) focus - editing

June 3rd – Film Story with No Sound or Earth, air, fire, water (focus – exposure)

July 22nd – 30 sec commercial or movie with 3 items specified by the club (focus sound or documentary)

September 2nd – Textures or Movement (focus – cinematography)

October 21st – Monochrome (focus lighting)

Pop Up Movies

Pop Up Movies are opportunities to organise a film project with others. Come up with an idea – shoot the film over 2 or 3 hours and each have a go at editing. Any genre – each can do their own filming and editing; or one camera and each share footage or collectively do all. The choice is yours. Show your finished product at the club and share the story of what you did.

By Peter Waterman

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