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Exciting Equipment

Hi All Members

Although numbers were down due to covid and our guest speakers had to cancel (Tony a funeral in Adelaide; David his son having covid) last night we had a wonderful, engaging evening.

The following occurred

- meeting started with a heads and tails comp - Easter egg winners were Peter A and Jenn.

- a Treasury report from Emily regarding our new ebanking system which allows one person to pay online with online approval from another signatory

'Accessing our Drones' by Glenn Bruce

- Glenn outlining the procedure for drone operation and showing two videos - one made by him and another a review of the mavic 3 that we have (Glenn will organise training sessions for those interested and run you through getting your licence to fly- a simple process that took me 20 minutes)

- Peter outlining new borrowing procedure and 6 packs organised by Nigel which will be available for borrowing next meeting (these will be emailed to members)

- Peter talking about the new camera (Panasonic s5) and reporting on workshop and showing a video on the hunt for the best camera and Jenn's screen test "The Notebook" that was filmed with the new S5.

Jenn's screen test that was filmed with the club's new S5

- an extended supper break which was a good opportunity to network

- viewing extract from "Nosedive" a Black Mirror episode (Black Mirror is a series that focuses on the future and provides excellent examples of The 11 Tomorrow's)

- we finished with an excellent discussion re "Our Future at Indro Activity Hub." Emily took some notes and we had about 15 points that we could take to Indro's Strategic Future's meeting on Tuesday. There were also points raised about our own future (these questions will be emailed to members, once collected). One question that I asked is "when Toowong is available again (at the end of July, would you wish to return there or stay at Indro". 100% of people said they wished to stay at Indro.

We were also able to house a lot of gear at Indro - but it would be good to negotiate more space.I was unable to fit the large screen in my car and Adam will assist in moving it (Thanks Adam).

A social occasion for members - watch this space.

Thanks also to the Committee members - Emily, Glenn and Nigel for your hard work in setting up systems over the last two weeks.

Best wishes to all.



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