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Eleven Tomorrow coming soon

The club meeting on 18 August 2023 was attended by fourteen members with President Peter announcing Freddie Jones had signed up as our newest members. We also had special guests Ellen and Taylor who have expressed interest in movie making.

Eleven Tomorrows: David Wright announced that seven films had been finished and three were in late stages of post production. There is a possibility that an eleventh movie can be generated over the next couple of months. The club is looking at showcasing the Eleven Tomorrows movies at a special screening on Thursday (16th November), subject to confirmation.

Peter talked about the Panasonic S5 Mk2 camera – an upgraded model of the Panasonic S5. He said it had an excellent auto focus, extremely good stabilisation, full sized HDMI adaptor. The cost is about $3,000 but a couple of retailers such as VideoPro are including some good quality lens for the price.

Peter announced he is planning to do a three day 73km walk coastal walk from Bells Creek to Coolum on the Sunshine Coast next year, and plans to make a movie of the event. He invited anyone who wants to help with the production such as drones etc.

Murder at Movie Makers

Six members produced an edit of the club drama Murder at Movie Makers as an exercise in video making. The editors were Stewart Gordon, Murray Mills, Peter Waterman, Paul Michaels, Michael Ming and Peter Allen. Members commented on the different approaches each took and remarked how it was possible to have the same footage but produce such different results. Some had expanded creative introductions and credit rolls, some added mood music while others relied on the dialogue. Michael Ming converted his to monochrome giving it a film noir look reminiscent of mid-century murder mysteries. The consensus was that it was a very worthwhile exercise and the club should repeat the exercise in the near future. The six versions will be available through links on the BMM website.

Annual General Meeting: Ahead of the AGM on 7 September, President Peter talked about the roles of the executive positions: specifically, President, Secretary and Treasurer while Glenn discussed the role of Vice President. Full role descriptions have been emailed to members. Paul commented that other committee members, or even non-committee members, could take on some of the more functional roles to relieve some of the burden on the committee’s executive members.

Peter reiterated that one of the decisions to be considered by members at the AGM was whether to drop the three dollar meeting attendance fee and consider increasing the annual membership fee from its current $60 as a one-off attendance fee payment.

UGG competition: With Film Noir as part of the UGG competition at the September 7 meeting, members were shown an example of film noir written by former club members Emily and Cathleen and acted by Emily and Peter.

Story telling will also be part of the UGG competition at the next meeting is. Peter showed his movie called A True Goose which he shot initially as an exercise to test the quality of the camera mounted shotgun mic. Members agreed the quality of sound and the quality of movie were both excellent.

Next meeting 7 September - AGM, President’s report, financial statement for 2022-23, election of office bearers, UGG competition Film Noir and/or story.

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