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Edit Fest

Hi all

Despite the incessant rain most likely keeping some of the regulars away, the crowd turnout for May 19th 2022 was good. BMM also welcomed its newest member Duncan to the fold.

'The Garden', edited by Nigel O'Neill

Nigel presented his approach to 'Deconstructing an Edit' based on 'The Garden'. to see Nigel's presentation, follow the link below.

7 '11 Tomorrow's' pitches followed: Peter - Songline and Mascot (choosing a mascot for the 2032 Olympic games) , Glenn (The Green Thing), George (xxx), Emily (Therapy First), Nigel (Kids of Tomorrow Succeeding through Failure) and Damian (The Carnivore is Over). To formally submit your pitch you need need to go to: or email: with your pitch. Editor's note: the reference to 7-11 is coincidental: we are not a convenience store franchisee :-).

Here are Peter's pitches below as he presented them as videos:

After the break, Murray delivered a presentation in 'Editing in Multicam' using PowerDirector 365. His presentation is available for viewing in the link above.

Before the meeting closed, we watched Michael's Barossa Sculpture which was shot on a mobile phone. See the link above.

Next meeting on 2 June


Emily has a film to share

Peter - Worst Day Ever

Duncan - Somewhere there's music

If you have not started, the next 60 second UGG competition is being judged on 2 June, themed on Drama or Celebration, with a focus on music, so get those creative juices flowing!

Author: Nigel O'Neill

BMM Secretary.

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