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Damian Caniglia- an Adventure Videographer and Photographer

After many evening meetings on Zoom it was a pleasure to mix and talk to everyone so easily again. Many years ago, people with an interest in the new hobby of making home movies would gather together to enjoy watching what was mostly Travelogues. It was the beginning of what we take for granted now and anyone can enjoy movie making. The big difference now, is not just the equipment but the ability to travel round the world, with an opportunity to follow up stories in mostly out of the way places.

At the last club meeting of BMM we were given a glance into how one person has turned his photography and movie making into a business. Damian Caniglia kindly gave us some of his time to show us just why he is well sought after around the world, from some of his still shots of mysterious places. Taken at just the right time of day, he changes the mundane to spectacular with interviews with people who are making changes in the world. His showreel gives a glimpse of his talents including both nature and streetscapes, to timelapse and majestic drone work.

Damian is also an adventure expedition leader, having travelled to many parts of the world, including the Himalayas and Antarctica. Generally, if it is remote, he has probably been there. His work with 'Mates in Construction' was a special project where the Kokoda Track formed a focus for building relationships, overcoming hardship, connecting with the Anzac spirit and most importantly- reducing suicide.

'Eyes for Everest' is another extraordinary project that Damian was involved with. Optometrists from Australia travelled to Nepal to diagnose the health status of the eyes of the locals. People walked for days to visit them.

It was good to have Damian talk about not only his activities but his process to manage his many different and varied assignments round the world. A visit to his web site at is well worth it for looking at not only some of his spectacular images and videos but also the range of his interests.

Thank you, Damian, for giving us an evening of your busy life and to show what is possible with a lot of planning and care.

Stewart Gordon

Recent BMM member.

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