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D.V Ad gets BMM up for 2024

BMM’s first film of the year has been rolled out and will be entered in the UGG competition for 1st February. It was a film titled ‘DV AD’ standing for Domestic Violence Advertisement. The group who commissioned it was an organisation called ‘Safe Haven’ which provides emergency accommodation for women in unsafe housing.

The crew was manned by BMM members - Heather Jones was the writer; Jenn Wallace, the director and DOP; Freddie Jones III, camerawork, lights and sound (how does he do it?); and Jonathan Bowers, clapperboard and editing. We should have had more crew but Glenn Bruce came down with laryngitis and could not do sound.

As for actors, we needed four - one father; one mother; and two children. The father was great - Brodie Agutter (Jenny Agutter’s cousin), and the pair of twins were just perfect, but the actor playing the mother just never showed up. Luckily the twins’ mother was game to join in the action and she played the part.

The crew was all BMM and the actors were taken from StarNow - the online talent showcase. I simply put up a profile of what we wanted and said that it was an amateur performance with no payment, and we still got an excellent cast. I recommend choosing this way to go - actors often just want to get their show reel updated.

written by Heather Jones

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