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Celebration or Drama?

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

We welcomed 3 guests today: Teddy (a film maker and novelist) and David (music videos, Ethiopian documentarian) and Tom, an accomplished musician, who can do the musical accompaniments for an 11 Tomorrow production if so requested. This was followed by the UGG Competition of a Celebration or Drama Featuring music

  • Judy's and Steve's Wedding Short - Glenn (music)

Reviewed by Neal - Good pace of cuts, balanced between close, wide and mid, variety of view points, exposure well matched, logical continuity, relevant cutaways, good music choice, excellent use of drone shots. Neale added that you need to watch your audio levels with ambient, focus, panning speed.

  • The lost symbol - Peter (Drama)

Reviewed by George - Great focus and clarity with a colour cast with music adding to the atmosphere, but watch your shot pacing and placement of lighting equipment, Nigel then showed 2 non UGG entries of his daughters year 12 graduation and a celebration of a birth of a child (based on his commercial work).

A Pizza Life We then got entertained by a very tasty movie by Emily & Jenn, with step by step instructions on how to make a pizza. This was followed by a short teaser from Peter's upcoming first production The Muster Movie. Before the break, Chizu showed us Chain, a nature themed music driven stop motion animation recorded and edited in camera on Hi-8. It was also Chizu's editorial beginning! 11 Tomorrows Pitch Bond to the Future - Kizuna. Pitch by Masa A human docu-drama on the bonds between parent and child A report on the 11 Tomorrows - David David is looking for anyone with VFX skills and is also looking for an overall producer. Somewhere There's Music - Duncan Duncan showed us a very personal journey of his in his lifelong pursuit of music, Recorded in Hi-8, it tells the story of his childhood as the glamour boy of his family, cast against the expectation of becoming a successful sportsman. His family had a super 8 camera that recorded his theatrical exploits and he had a successful professional career but deep down, he was a performer at heart, a dream that he fulfilled later in life.

Worst day ever (Peter) Jenn cast as Consti, experiences her worst day ever, exacerbated by her inattentive and self-absorbed partner Steve, played by Mark. Upcoming Events: 16 June

  • David's update on BMM Visioning

  • Filming Quiz night - hosted by Jenn

  • More 11 Tomorrow's pitches

  • Cradle Mountain - a movie by Paul

  • Mannequin challenge

7 July

  • Tips and tricks in producing a movie - Glenn & Justin

21 July

  • My journey as a film maker - Jenn

  • A club member story

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