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Brisbane Movie Makers meeting 3 August 2023

A well attended meeting with 17 members participating.

Peter announced that after four years as president he would not be standing for the position this year. He also announced that there would be vacancies for secretary and treasurer. He also announced that the financial statement required for the AGM had been completed.

Murder at Movie Makers: following the shooting at the previous meeting of the movie Murder at Movie Makers Murray reported handed out USBs with camera footage for members to edit and return to be shown at next meeting 16 August. Six USBs were handed out.

The meeting saw two two versions of a behind the scenes look at the making of Murder at Movie Makers produced by Michael Ming and Peter Allen.

UGG competition: there were six entries for the themes were “industry versus nature” and “colours”.

Fishermans Island: Stewart Gordon and Peter Allen jointly shot a video in and around the Port of Brisbane’s cargo shipping port at Fisherman Island showing the wildlife, in particular a flock of ibis, and how they coexist with heavy industry. Reviewer Peter Waterman said he liked that it was a simple film with a message, although he cautioned that movie makers should be wary of putting credits on a picture that are quite busy. He said he particularly liked the cinematography, slow motion of the ibis and the beautiful slow pans of industry.

Nature versus Industry : Murray Mills. A look at the conflict, balance and reliance between nature and industry in cities and countryside around the world. Murray said he came up with the theme, wrote the script and then acquired vision from Shutterstock video provided through PowerDirector editing program. Reviewer Jenn Wallace described it as beautifully well crafted documentary highlighting the natural world and industry; crystal clear opening, beautiful attention to pace and scale of footage from close ups to outer space. She described it as well balanced, well thought out and well paced. In particular she liked how it featured different levels from the natural world, food production raw materials. She liked the opening titles, but felt the rest of titles seemed a bit tacky. Great choice of industrial music except for koala scene. In summary, very professional, well thought out, evoked a sense of wonder and alarm, as well as a sense of hope


Colours of Monet by Peter Waterman. A detailed look at the Monet in Paris exhibition in Brisbane. Reviewer Ross Stenhouse commented that he really enjoyed it . He said he just got lost in the film. It was well shot, really loved it, thought it was really good.

Colours of the Brisbane River… by Paul Michaels. Shot as an exercise in videography using a mobile phone, it was a look at activity and life on the Brisbane River from the perspective of a trip on City Cat in the late afternoon and early evening. Reviewer Neil Reville said it looked good, was a good example of simple subject. He said he had started looking at it as a critque subject but after 30 seconds stopped looking at it that way and became absorbed in it, so much so that he watched it ten times. He commented on the unobtrusive, steady camera work, appropriate human content, people coming and going and different nationalities. It had a humanity about it. He said it was accompanied by a good choice of music, pleasant, enjoyable, clean, although the music in second part of movie was lower, and not balanced with first part. He liked the variety between daytime and night time vision although he thought it drifted off at the end drifted off. Neil felt that he detected a slight blue cast throughout the video and confirmed it by viewing it on a calibrated monitor and applying parade scope. He felt it may have been something inherent in the mobile phone settings.

Colours by Stewart Gordon: A video of stock footage featuring among other things the relationship between bees and flowers and posed the question were the bees attracted to the colour of the flowers or did the flowers develop colour to attract the bees. It also looked at why natural phenomena such as rainbows and the Northern Lights displayed colour, and the similar workings of the human eye and camera lens. Review Michael Ming said it was seamlessly and well put together with stock footage,a good selection of subject, good colour. He felt the music wasn’t that good and more colour selection would have enhanced the video. He particularly liked the simple ending.

The UGG competition was a tie between the videos of Murray Mills and Stewart Gordon/Peter Allen. Best reviewer was Jenn Wallace.

President Peter foreshadowed a propNon competition videos:

Brisbane River Bridges – Glenn Bruce – an exercise in shooting video on iPhone.

Wedding of Ang and Ben. A video by Peter Waterman.

Coffee – a music video by Ross Stenhouse featuring Ameria and Neem.

Come Find Me – a music video by Ross Stenhouse featuring Ameria and Neem.

President Peter foreshadowed a proposal for members consideration scrapping the meeting fee and add it to the annual membership fee which would increase the membership fee to $100 per year. This was for consideration by members with no discussion or voting.

The next meeting 17 August will feature the members’ edited versions of Murder at Movie Makers.

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