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Big turnout for April 20 meeting

We had 27 in attendance - a very healthy turnout indeed.

Welcome to our guest: Annabelle.

We also welcomed 2 new members: Michael & Maddie.

You Are Not Alone Project - Premiere Showing

This is a project that is close to Peter's heart. The Premiere is being shown at The Elizabeth St Theatre on June 15 at 7:30pm ~ 9:30pm for $12.50 in the Harp Room which seats 60. Please note that this event REPLACES our regular meeting at IndroHall

Tickets are limited and are available at

Buy Tickets

For booking event type in “YOU ARE NOT ALONE

For postcode 4000 (and hit Brisbane City)

For Date 15 June 2023

Then click Find Events

YOU ARE NOT ALONE – Battling Back; 13 confronting stories will then come up and click on to book.

Hey presto – you are in and tickets will be emailed to you.

Good luck and look forward to welcoming you to the event - you will all be honoured guests and the night will run a bit differently to a normal cinema event - details to follow.

11 Tomorrow's Update - David

David's been busy moving house, but otherwise working with the other Michael M; Neal's project is a nearly finished WIP, Nigel has completed his entry, Heather has a second production, Aveena may have an entry.


1 June 2023 - information to members to be sent out shortly by the Secretary.

UGG Competition

Themes were a 30 second ad or a music video. There were 9 official entries and 10 unofficial entries (not for judging):

  • 1st up Stewart's 3 short ads created using 'bluff titler' - It was a fun, quirky presentation using 'bluff titler' with catchy music, but the messaging could have been improved with the imagery and symbolism providing a better connection with the subject matter, which was BMM. There was a little bit of brand confusion with the use of the phrasing, 'Good Different' which is used elsewhere in the corporate world.

  • Ellie My Love - Music video - David's excellent production used multiple cameras, shot variety, colour and b/w effects to create a sense of time, telling a story with images and good rich sound. Perhaps the story could have the lyrics better integrated with the shots.

  • Ross's trifecta of demo videos - Ask for it, Flaunt, The Unassailable Mount of Indifference - 3 feature pieces of Ross's FREE studio work that he does for up and coming artists in the music industry. The artists were well lit, camera shots were in sharp focus, used the rule of 3rds well, sound was excellent, but needed more camera shot variety, perhaps close-ups of guitar work, and could have the credits run sooner.

  • Sanctuary Beach - Glenn - Nice, beautiful imagery enticing you to visit Currumbin beach. There was good use of a gimbal and appropriate camera movement and the music was effective. Although it fit the criteria of a 30 second ad, it could have had more than 8 shots that followed the beat of the music. Although the credits were a bit large, it was overall beautiful sound and imagery

  • The Loved One - Murray - A single continuous shot music video (a simple but effective concept), produced in a home studio with 360 degree camera movement, done in a single take with close ups, wide shots and focus on artist and equipment. Well done with minimal special effects (lens flares), with simplicity being key. However, the location was limited to studio, and could have been improved in post by adding imagery to convey the lyrics and emotion. Design of fonts could have been more grungy to suit the music style.

  • Stewart's Airshow Video - A music only production shot to swing music. Music is dominant and shot to music or vice versa. Swing music added to excitement and pace, with each sequence having it's own pace of music. Could have improved with a composite of imagery to provide more pace and interest.

Nigel showed some short Brisbane Gangshow scout promotional ads, a behind the scenes music video (a backstage 'revue') and a music video photo montage produced for a wedding he did in 2015.

Upcoming competitions/events

May 4th - Mobile films. Peter showed a short promotional video for a shot on mobile film.

June 1st - AGM followed by UGG with a theme of Birth/Decline

June 15th - You Are Not Alone - Elizabeth St Theatre

6 July - "Murder at Movie Makers" - will be a live recording of a scene set at IndroHall on a meeting night, to be produced and directed in real time. It should be a fun evening for all .

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