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Batman's Surprise

Paul's away on holiday so I thought I would deliver the blog by email

See Freddy's latest video by clicking on the link below. Freddie's settling into his new role with aplomb and is successfully bribing everyone with trivia 'n' treats :-) We had slightly lower than usual turnout with 16 attendees but we had two guests: Mark & Danielle. 11 Tomorrows Update David informed us that the assembly was 95% done with 99 tickets sold, 31 left, about 100 minutes runtime The Premiere screening is at Elizabeth Street Cinema on November 16 from 6:30-9:00 PM To get your tickets for only $11, go to This is the cinema's website: 3 workshops

  1. Heather delivered a concise workshop on writing. She gave some invaluable tips on Plot, Characters, Structure, Dialogue, Setting and Props, such as developing a storyline, having an arc, keeping the audience in suspense and of course, having a beginning, middle and an end.

  2. Glenn challenged us to set up his external screen and mic on his DSLR, and then took us through the basics of zoom, focus, white balance, peaking, zebras, tilt, pan, framing and correct tripod set up. We agreed it was important to balance the camera on the tripod itself by adjusting the plate back and forth so as to make to make operation easier. Despite using a high ISO setting of 3200 (which was a no-no in film days due to the effect of grain) the image was clear and smooth. I may just as well be converted to shooting video on a DSLR :-)

  3. Freddie gave us a cool demo of his Neewer LED lights with stand, dual battery, colour temperature and HSI adjustable settings. It had funky scene modes to simulate police, ambulance, TV, lightning and disco. When used with a small daylight light on your subject, it can create a cool background atmos

Fright Night Freddie (not Kruger) Lastly, Freddie closed out the meeting with a production job he had recently been involved in at Movie World on the Gold Coast, for Movie World's Fright Night 2023 (a new ride). He originally started out as the PA but was allowed to be the grip for lighting. The shoot was done over 3 nights with the crowd scene at the beginning taking a whole night to film, and this is the ABSOLUTELY awesome promo video that resulted Unfortunately I can't directly link to it, but it's definitely worth watching. Upcoming Meetings Freddie is going to be away for the next couple of meetings so Glenn and I will run things in his absence. We can't not guarantee that there will be trivia and lolly giveaways ha ha! 19th October It was going to be a showcase of the best films of this year, but as I have been trawling through the archives, there's a few chestnuts worth viewing that many club members haven't seen, so that could be the theme of the night.... Note: One thing that I observed as I was trawling through the archives, there's surprisingly little content. I guess in the days of DVD's, you showed up with your disc, it was queued and shown and returned to you at the end of the night. Only the big club projects or creme de'la creme that entered broader competitions seemed to have survived. Pity. 2nd November UGG: Your entry is about an event or have a theme of Flora and Fauna - and should be approximately 5 minutes long




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