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BMM EOY comp

Brisbane Movie Makers
Published by in club night · 23 November 2018
I would like to thank all the BMM members who took the time to send in an entry for our EOY competition for 2018.
There were some great examples in different genres for the judges to view and then later for our members to view at the showing night of November 15th.
We used the Judgeitnow on line judging system for the first time and so we were able to get 3 different people to view and score them. We were then able to present those members with their judging sheets and remarks. This is I believe so much better than just an "Audience appeal" vote, with no comments or values to give the producers of an idea of the good and bad points of their production.
Well done everyone.

Average Vote: 125.0/5
stewart gordon
2019-02-19 01:50:15
This looks good
Peter Waterman
2019-05-22 08:19:03
great way to judge competitions :)
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