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BMM 16th August

Brisbane Movie Makers
Published by in Indoor shoot · 15 August 2018
BMM Notice of event on 16th August.

See you on Thursday, 16th.
Footage to be made available for Members’ Edit.
Hello Members,
Are you ready for another interesting night organised by the Brisbane Movie Makers’ Committee?
A lot of thought and work has gone into preparing for this evening and we are expecting that as many members as possible can make it a great occasion!
We will be recording three people discussing ‘The Good Old Days’.  Surprise! – it will have an
old person’s view and a young person’s view!
Was it better in the old days or do the young people today have it so much easier?
We will be using three cameras, lights, microphones, tracks etc.
The final raw footage from the three cameras and also a separate audio track will be downloaded on to memory sticks and given to the members to edit.  The winning editor will be presented with

‘The BMM Editor’s Award’ to be judged at a future date.

Many thanks to the actors who will be performing on this evening and they are:
Richard Lancaster is a member of Brisbane Movie Makers, who will act as the ‘Mediator’.  Richard has appeared on television, radio and has been a great speaker and writer.
Glan Cassam will play the older actor.  Glan is a well known comedian and actor. He has appeared in numerous plays and cabarets in the Moreton Bay region.
Justin Wallace is a member of Brisbane Movie Makers.  He is the ‘younger’ actor.  Justin is a film maker
and has acted in numerous plays in the Moreton Bay region.
The Committee would appreciate help from our members as this will take a lot of setting up.  If you are available to help, please email John Taylor on or phone him on 0401562952.
You will be required to be at the club house at 6pm.  As they say, more hands make light work!
Those who will not be assisting, please arrive about 7.00pm.  We will commence at 7.30pm and will be shooting multiple takes.
So come along this evening.  John Taylor will be the Presenter and will be happy to answer
any questions.
Kind regards,

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