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The Mannequin Challenge

We had a healthy turnout of 18+ members and we also welcomed 4 guests: Murray, Umberto, Barry, Ayaka

Peter opened up proceedings with a presentation on using mobile phones to shoot video. As mobile phones are pervasive, it only makes sense that the evolution of video making will only increase as the technology matures.

There are many factors to consider if camera quality factors heavily into your smartphone purchasing decision. A good way to start is by asking yourself what kinds of images you see yourself capturing. Not all multi-lens cameras are created equal — some have ultrawide lenses for stunning landscapes, others have telephotos for zoomed-in shallow-depth-of-field portraits, and others still have both. The newest flagships from the likes of Samsung and Huawei even have periscope-style lenses that can achieve up to 10x lossless zoom, rivaling the power of DSLRs.

Something else to consider: Megapixels don’t matter as much as aperture. Cameras with a wider aperture (lower ƒ-stop numbers translate to wider lenses) let in more light, which greatly helps produce better shots in the dark. The high-megapixel sensors found in the latest devices are nice, but it's a common misconception that pixel count directly translates to better-looking images.

Do you need a portrait mode that allows for bokeh backgrounds? That’s where the subject of the image is in sharp focus, while an artistic blur blankets the rest of the scene. Although it started as a feature exclusive to multi-camera phones, the single-lens iPhone SE is capable of capturing bokeh-effect portraits. Some devices even let you adjust the strength of the blur before and after you take a photo.

Front camera specs are important, too. In a world where we’re taking more selfies than ever, you shouldn’t overlook a phone’s front camera. Many front cameras, like the ones on the iPhone 13 and Pixel 6, can actually perform the same portrait mode effects that rear cameras pull off. Some phones feature two front cameras, with the second lens pulling in more background details, though that feature has gone out of fashion recently.

Finally, don’t forget about video. Your cameras shoot more than just still images. Consider what resolution the camera captures video at along with the frame rate. A word to the wise, though: Be wary that ratcheting up the resolution will result in clips that take up much more space on your smartphone's internal storage.

For more general guidance on Smart Phones for video, check out the following articles:,review-2272.html Amazon rating: iPhone 13 Pro - 4.3 Google Pixel 6 Pro - 4.4 Xperia Pro 1 - 4.3 Sumsung S22 - 4.4 Oppo 5.x - 4.9 FYI: Lust and Making Pizza were both filmed on camera phones! Jenn then hosted an entertaining 20 question movie trivia quiz night that took us to the break. We had a few interesting team names: Has Beens, Black Kettle, The Formidables, Broken Ribs and Full Moon. Thanks Jenn for taking the time to prepare the trivia questions.

After the break, David then provided a summary of the report on the 11 Tomorrows project. If you want the detail, check your emails back on 10 June 2022 for his meeting #4 report.

We then were treated to a documentary by Paul, chronicling his recent visit to Cradle Mountain-Lake, St Clair in Tasmania, using still shots taken on his mobile phone and footage from his handheld HandiCam. It had the excellent informative narrative which are the hallmarks of Paul's video making.

This was followed by Michael's video showcase of local artist Simon Harvey, who recently exhibited his work at the Inala Art Gallery.

If I am not mistaken, that was shot on a mobile phone as well, and edited in a day.

The evening finished on a high with Peter recording a Mannequin challenge on his mobile phone. Peter will upload the video shortly, just before he embarks on a trek around Queensland. Although Peter will be absent for the next two Club meetings, we have entertaining meetings planned for you:

7 July 2022 Justin - Producing tips and tricks Jenn: Our recognition program 21 July 2022 UGG Competition: Interviewing Glenn - Directing tips and tricks Jenn's journey as a film maker

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One key advantage for animation is the iphone's infra-red forward facing camera that provides depth information for facial mocap. This can be used in real time to animate a digital character. Needs iphone X or later.

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