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That does 2021!

BMM Short Film Awards

It was a tremendously successful night with a sold out cinema of 60 seats. The venue, presentation and the cinematic showing of the movies certainly added to the class of the BMM Awards never seen before. Two BCC representatives attended and enjoyed the night with us. We extend our thanks to the organisers: Steve, Glenn, Emily, Kathleen & Jenn and our appreciation goes out to the Rafflers - Jenn, Val & Trish

David & Jonathan will be compiling a short presentation of the BMM Awards Night, to be uploaded on the Club's Vimeo site

Woolly Mammoth Awards - Glenn and Emily were subsequently recognised for organising the BMM Short Film Awards

Certificates of Appreciation

In recognition for their past service to the operation of the BMM, the following members were awarded certificates of appreciation

- Stewart & Jan and Merv

Outstanding Service Awards

In recognition of their outstanding effort the following members were awarded Service awards:

- Michael, Don, Col & Joy, Bob, Neal & Val

Quiz Night

Quiz master Jenn put together an excellent multiple choice style quiz for 4 teams to compete in, drawing on the clubs history, the evolution of film making and the origins of film making technology we take for granted today. Unfortunately we ran out time and only managed to complete 4 sheets, so I am looking forward to quiz night #2.

BMM In-visioning our future

Our club's purpose, goals, activities for the next 12 months and beyond will be reimagined in the new year with a visioning workshop led by David, in addition to our involvement in the 11 Tomorrow's project.

Peppered Red

We got to watch JEMPS 48 Hour Film Festival entry. The Director's cut which features 8 seconds of additional footage will be on the club's web site shortly.

The evening closed with a short claymation animation La Traviata. Thanks Stewart for sharing this very cleverly animated stop motion presentation.

UGG Competition

Our next competition theme is People, passions, persuasions. Refer to the blog People, Passions, Persuasions ( for more information.

Lastly, on behalf of the Committee, we wish you and your families a Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2022. Can't wait to see what it brings us.

Regards, Nigel O'Neill

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