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People, Passions, Persuasions

Check out this film for snippets of BMM films that match this concept.

Our first Ugg Competition for 2022 will include an option for 'People, Passions and Persuasions' with a focus on 'Using Cutaways'. As this is a new concept for the club, please allow me to explain the concept.

We all know a lot of people. In amongst those people are some individuals who are 'ordinary people who do something extraordinary'. Why? Because, they are passionate about something, or feel strongly about something. This is the making of a potentially fascinating story. By combining imagery of that individual doing what they love, with interviews about their motivations, journey etc, you have a fascinating short film.

Within my own circle, I know the following people:

  • A specialist dentist who is breaking new ground with experimental 3D printing techniques

  • A guy who was working in 4 rock bands at the same time.

  • Another guy who experiments with movie making techniques with gimbals and drones.

  • A middle aged woman who is an avid and skilled online 'gamer'.

  • A midwife who is passionate about her career, yet stifled by community paranoia.

Even within our ranks at BMM, we have amazing people. For instance, I have just completed a story about Peter Waterman and his Story Telling Club. Peter's wife Trish is part of a tapestry club (we have already done that one). Paul has an extensive history in Television production and now makes documentaries about rural towns. These are all ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

'A Spring in the Step' by Peter Waterman is a great example of 'People, Passions, Persuasions'.

All of these stories lend themselves to a fascinating insight into amazing people and their stories. The camera and our movie making skills will help us to tell them.

I can't wait to see what you all come up with. Good luck.


Glenn Bruce

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