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May 19 meeting: Three great workshops

A lower than usual turnout of around 20 members. Perhaps the cold weather deterred them or maybe they thought that the AGM was on!

Anyhow, you missed out on 3 great workshops and other video treats


Workshop 1: Basic colour grading. Nigel demonstrated how he used simple adjustments to colour curves, contrast & brightness, and saturation adjust and gamma on the color corrector wheel to make your vision pop.

Workshop 2: 3 point lighting for interviews. Murray did a practical demonstration of how to set up your lighting in an interview situation. 3 point video lighting is all about creating a three-dimensional look. By placing three light sources at strategic points around the subject, each light source illuminates a separate dimension of the subject and creates an image with greater representation of height, width, and depth

For more information, check out this primer:,height%2C%20width%2C%20and%20depth.

Workshop 3: Peter demonstrated sound using different sources and techniques using NT1, in camera, zoom, GO II, NTG5, RODE Pro+. He stressed the importance of choice of mic, it's placement, and we learned first hand what happens when you don't monitor sound correctly (sorry Damian!) Later on Peter demonstrated this with his short video titled 'Sound Sources Demonstration'


After the break we were treated to a short video of Droning by Glenn titled 'A bird's eye view of Crescent Head'. It's like having your own personal helicopter and demonstrates that you can fly drones over water and in windy conditions. See how many times you can spot the operator in the footage. Glenn holds hands on events in Drone operation and Gimbal use, so if you are interested, kep an eye out in the clubs events calendar on the website.

Cash it Don't Trash It

Murray Mills then showed us 'Cash it Don't Trash It' which highlights the environmentally conscious efforts the body corporate at his residential complex is undertaking towards recycling.

UGG Competition 1 June !!!

In order to promote the upcoming UGG Competition, Peter premiered two short movies: 'Chook House Farm Stay' and 'My New Shoes'.

Upcoming events

1 June: AGM followed by the UGG Competition, with a theme of birth and/or decline/decay


A documentary film of 13 confronting stories outlining battles with depression, anxiety and trauma. VENUE: Elizabeth St theatre June 15th 7.30pm Tickets available at for $12

Type in film title 'You are not Alone', enter the postcode 4000 and select June 15th to book

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