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June 1 meeting

We had 19 members in attendance


The AGM was not held due to the financial statements not being made ready by auditors. It has been postponed to 6 July 2023. So far zero nominations have been received by the Secretary, which is minus 2 less than last year.

'You Are Not Alone' Premiere

Peter has handed in his movie to the theatre for DCP conversion (encoding) by the cinema and also checked out the Tara room, which was part of the Old Irish Club. Currently he has 14 attending the pre-show dinner, with over 70 cinema tickets sold. There are still tickets available. Just refer to earlier blogs to find out how to lay your hands on a couple or three.

UGG COMPETITION (Theme: Birth/Decline)

'Homage towards Eternity', sung by Sophia Fletcher, a local budding music artist. With melancholy tones, and touching lyrics, it tells the personal story about her mother's passing - Submitted by Ross.

'Birth to Decline' - An environmental impact statement showing birth and decline using the juxtaposition of images sound to make a statement of man's impact on nature - Submitted by Nigel.

'Joyce Watching Clouds' - A touching interview filmed about 6 years ago, with the subject being Peter's mother-in-law, Joyce. He succinctly chronicles her life story through a series of frank and insightful interviews, with the vision and sounds capturing the very essence of her ebullient energy and humour. Joyce herself has thousands of pages of records documenting her challenging upbringing after the untimely loss of her husband shortly after the birth of their 3rd child. Unfortunately we are unable to publish the video as we don't have Joyce's permission to do so. You missed another great production from Peter.

'Someone like you' - One of Ross's budding artists Dani Garner recently passed away in late May 2023 at the young age of only 28. Ross created a karaoke version of a cover of Adele's 'Someone Like You' to honour her memory - Her family really appreciated Ross's contribution to brightening up her life through music in her final days. Ross was still clearly moved by her passing. RIP Dani. - Submitted by Ross

'Mia's Birth' - A heart warming and personal music and video collage chronicling the birth and first year cut to images and video in a moving montage - Submitted by Nigel. We are unable to publish the video as we don't have permission to do so.

That concluded the UGG Competition. There were no winners or losers, but given the subject nature of the content, I don't think anyone was offended.


Murray showed us 3 short videos of drone footage taken at the recent nature shoot in Ransom, shot by Michael, Aveena and David. Although the videos were silent, Murray provided entertaining commentary explaining what each pilot was doing. It should be noted that Murray was literally held to 'ransom' by the midges in the surrounding mangroves whilst teaching our club members how to correctly and safely operate a drone. The club appreciates Murray's dedication. Murray will never forget to bring insect repellant to a nature shoot ever again judging by the hundreds of bites covering his legs.


15 June: IMPORTANT! The next club meeting is the premiere of You Are Not Alone at the Elizabeth Street Theatre in the Harp Room. There is no meeting at IndroHall. If you want to attend, you need to purchase a ticket.

20 July 2023 - MURDER AT MOVIE MAKERS - I have it on good advice that Col used ChatGPT to write the script for the club event to be filmed at IndroHall. It will be shot over two scenes as a club activity. He's looking for a villain and for someone to die. The tagline is: A director has a conflict with a cast member

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