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06 July 2023

18 members

We welcomed 1 guest Freddie - an amateur film maker who hails all the way from New Orleans whose specialises in the horror film genre.


AGM - deferred to 7 September whilst financials are being organised. As no committee nominations have been received by the secretary to date, and the present committee has agreed to remain until the AGM is held, and no objections were raised by any of the members present, this deferral of the AGM is noted as accepted.

You Are Not Alone

Peter expressed his appreciation for those that supported him - 132 tickets sold for a 130 seat theatre. David in the US wanted to distribute it but Peter has developed his OTT site to rent or buy.


Club has a Wix and a Vimeo site. Wix maintains the website and we then use Vimeo to link movies to our web site (by annual subscription of around $380). For current movies shown on our club nights, historical record keeping, special showcases.

For an overview of how it works, watch Vimeo and BMM - what do we do with it>

To view the Clubs movies, go to: We have 390 movies loaded to date and have 1TB of storage every year.

We could use YouTube but it has advertisments that we cannot control. Vimeo has no advertisments

Murder at Movie Makers

Next meeting of 20 July will be an indoor shoot, setup at 6:30pm for a 7:15pm start. We are aiming to film a 5 minute, 3 scene short film.

Synopsys: There is a conflict between the Director and a camera operator. There is a disagreement, then the lights go out and the Director is found murdered.

Intent is for the club members to get the footage and edit it themselves and show it at the second meeting in August

Using Gimbals

Gimbal experience - a movie by Murray shot at the botanical gardens demonstrating the use of a gimbal as part of a club learning event, hosted by Glenn

Drone Shoot

At the last meeting we watched a drone shoot by Murray. At today's meeting we watched the Drone nature shoot by Glenn shot at Tingalpa Creek

Upcoming Event: Mobile Phone Shoot

Mobile phone shoot using gimbals at the Bulimba Ferry Terminal on 23 July from 4:00~5:00pm

Members Movies

Sydney synchronised drone shoot of 500 drones, by Don, shot on a hand held Iphone 6

Drone shoot of Easter time trial of boat racing shot at Moogerah Dam by Don's son

Dejavous, Guitar Gypsy, Fever - Ross

11 Tomorrows

David is wrapping filming and editing on a couple of remaining projects.

UGG Competition

Nature versus industry/colour

Next meeting

The shooting of "Murder at Movie Makers".

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