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Reg McDonald, Jack Miller, and Rex Scott get together at the Boy Scouts office in Adelaide St City to talk about forming a movie making club. At the subsequent meeting on the 15th September with 12 people present the constitution of the AACS was used to form the Queensland Amateur Cine Society (QACS). Rex Scott is elected President.
First public showing of movies in July 1938 attracts 270 people.
QACS picnic held at Mt Tamborine. R. Scott, President.
A. Scott, President.
Kev Franzi made a member of QACS. QACS film showing at Carlton Theatrette. Committee meets at Mr Greens Studio.
Len Pass tenders his resignation. Committee refused to accept.
F. Winston, President. No evidence of meetings held this year.
H. Green, President.
Shortage of film stock expected to ease soon with supplies from USA.
J Robinson, President.
March, start of meeting held at Institute of Engineers Wharf Street.
Movies to be shown at Rowes Banquet Hall. Owner requests no publicity.
E. Pass, President
Les Tarranoff now in Darwin. Opens club there.
E.Pass, President.
Albert Hall for first public screening. Profit of £65.reported.
E. Pass, President.
Mr Pass demonstrated his time lapse exposure machine.
E.Roush, President. New meeting hall now at Deaf and Dumb Institute hall.
Albert Hall showing. Expenses £28.Take £102.
E.Roush, President.
Record crowd of 2400 at Brisbane City Hall for overflow screening from Albert Hall.
The Commonwealth Government ran a Jubilee Film competition to celebrate 50 years since Federation. Film entries were to be shown as part of the Olinda Film Festival organised by the Federation of Film Societies. Because of some links with the Film Societies the Victorian Amateur Cine Society was asked to take part on behalf of the amateurs. VACS went one better and asked other known amateur Clubs to send two delegates with the idea of forming a Federation of amateurs. They met at Olinda on January 1952, Australia Day weekend. As a result the Federation of Australian Amateur Cine Societies was subsequently formed with the first Convention to be held in Queensland at Easter 1954.
A. Bartlett, President.
Olinda Victoria weekend get together and the FAACS was formed.
A. Bartlett, President.
H Sothern, President.
QACS hosts first FAACS Convention. A Civic Reception at City Hall by Lord Mayor Frank Roberts.
A. Bartlett, President.
A. Bartlett, President
Television starts in Australia.
FAACS Convention in Sydney NSW.
A.  Jenks, President.
A. Jenks, President.
FAACS Convention held in Melbourne. Vic. Rex Scott hurt on trip to Victoria.
Club introduces a new model Projector.
Albert Hall for Public screening. Les Pass fixes up new 16mm projector for the screening. Picnic held at Cleveland Point.
R.Horn, President.
Arthur and Edna Jenks present at mammoth movie show in Rockhampton, 3000 people attend. Judging ability questioned in competition results. (41 entries).
Brisbane movie makers hire a Fokker Friendship aircraft for photo trip up and down the coast.
R.Horn, President.
Magnetic sound stripe available for 8mm film
Convention held in Adelaide South Australia.
Morgan Jones, President.
Darling downs club holds first National open competition.
Get together with Brisbane, Darling Downs, Maroochydore clubs.
QACS 24th annual report presented.
Morgan Jones President.
FAACS Convention held in Perth W/A.
100ft rolls of 8mm movie film on market.
Technicolor film available in 8mm format.
Beaulieu 8mm Cine camera available with reflex viewer.
Kodakchrome II film on market.
Reg Simes Elected as President.
Reg Simes, President. Merv Peake elected as Hon Secretary
FAACS Convention held in Brisbane at Easter time.
Patron Rex Scott retires.
Club owned freehold property at Red Hill up for sale. No club house to be built.
A. Jenks, President.
Fuji introduces 50ft single run 8mm film. Now made with Polyester base.
Visit from Canterbury Bankstown club, they present a film show.
A. Jenks, President.
World shortage of silver causes low supply of cine film stock.
FAACS Convention held in Sydney NSW. Easter time.
L. Young, President.
A. Stephenson, President.
FAACS Convention held in Melbourne Vic.
Possible sale of Red Hill property
A. Stephenson, President.
1869Sale of Red Hill property.
D. Chapman, President.
QACS members on weekend trip to Girraween National Park, Stanthorp.
D. Chapman, President.
QACS film contest judged at Les Chesters' Sunny bank studio.34 films submitted which took just under 12 hours to judge.
Foundation President and first Patron Rex Scott died, November 1971.
A. Lettice, President.
19th July was a Ladies Night and 9 films were submitted for screening. The men brought a plate for supper!
2nd February first meeting held at the Professional Officers association rooms, 453 Ann Street Brisbane.
M. Peake, President.
The first novice competition to encourage new members to make films was held 18th July.
M. Peake, President.
The Christmas breakup was a picnic to the J.C.Slaughter Falls at Mt. Coot-tha, 8th December.
The script for a movie was "The Artist".
M. Peake, President.
In September the QACS meeting was disrupted during an Electricity strike and power rationing. Joh was in power as Premier.
A. K. Anderson, President.
June get-together was held at Maroochydore. A list of 14 items was provided and a video had to be made using at least 7 of them. Judging was done at the Saturday night dinner.
Field day at Scarborough with script provided. Sue Mills was the actress who discovered the treasure.
A.K. Anderson, President.
The June get together was held at Cherribah Mountain resort with the Toowoomba club.
George Nelson demonstates the new Syncrodeck machine.
21 enrties were received in a Special School Competition.
Anniversary Dinner held at the Zebra Hotel Brisbane.
November. Laurie Ferguson suggests that this dinner become an annual event with presentation of trophies. The first one was held at the Mt-Coot-tha restaurant.
G. Nelson, President.
D. Chapman, President.
A field day in April was held at the North Pine Dam at Petrie.
QACS went on a boat trip to St Helen Island on 28th October. . Alan Beale played as escaped convict. Redcoats played by Robert Finlay and Steve Mieberg.
QACS went to Bundaberg for the screening of "Bootlace film evening" by the Bundaberg film Club and a weekend trip in October.
A. Beale, President.
Martin Stebs demonstated colour home video equipment. The general feeling in the club was to wait and see where this new medium was heading.
John Cook suggested grading for film entries.
The Award Movie competition judging at the Deaf and Dumb centre was held during power blackouts. E Chapman and sons lent a generator, "Just in case".
A. Beale, President.
A. Beale, President.
October Field day at Kooralbyn Resort. Annual presentation held at the Adult Deaf centre in Newmarket.
W.Rahman, President.
Bus trip to Jondaryan Woolshed with 40 members.
W. Rahman, President.
FAMM Convention in Perth WA. Qld members travelled over by bus then home via Newcastle.
The South side group started filming the "Cage". The North side group was formed by John Cook, Brian Mathiesen, Frank Lockwood, Denys Parker and Ray Soderholm.
4th July. Name change from QACS was suggested.
D. Finlay, President.
D. Finlay, President
1986Award Film competition judging held at Grange Uniting church Hall.
A. J. Ryan, President.
Field day at the Qld Society of model and experimental engineers in Strathpine.
A program of old movies was held. "The Annual RACQ children's picnic at Sandgate" was one and Rex Scotts' 16mm films, Family Newsreel was the other. Morgan Jones' film "As man creates" was also shown.
Golden Jubilee Dinner held at Petrie Mansions.
Long time member Len Pass passed away.
R. F. Soderholm, President.
John Cook and Brian Mathiesen held Basic movie making classes
Reg Simes the new Patron of QACS.
Lamphouse editor Bruce McDonald.
R.F.Soderholm, President.
Northside progressive dinner with four courses at four different locations was held in April.
Combined outing with DDACS at Esk.
Outing at Swanbank Steam train track.
QACS name changed to QMM 12th April 1990.
D. Chapman, President.
Visit to Tramway Museum at Ferny Grove.
F.Mills, Pesident.
Don Chapman is the new QMM Patron.
Move to Embrioderers Guild Building. Don Chapman organised building. Celebrated with a Presidents night taking the form of a Wine and Cheese night.
D. Finlay, President.
QMM Club to produce movie "The Fiddle"
Bruce McDonald, President
Bruce McDonald chairs the FAMM Convention in Brisbane.
QMM hosted a visit from DDf&VC with a trip down the Brisbane River. Also a BBQ at Bribie Island.
Alan Beale becomes the new editor for the Lamphouse Newsletter in November.
We heard about the “Vinegar Syndrome” for the first time— a vinegar like smell indicating the deterioration of cellulose triacetate based movie film.
Canon released a camcorder (the UC-X1Hi8) with an eye controlled focusing system. The camcorder, which cost $3450, focused on that part of the image on which the moviemaker’s eye was directed.
Bruce McDonald and Ray Soderholm already making widescreen video movies.
Peter Norris of AACS (Australian Amateur Cine Society) had his movie “Rust In Peace” placed in the British “Ten Best” amateur movies of the year.
Our August “Lamphouse” announced the death of Cec Ryan. For many years, it would have been rare for QMM to have a screening of any significance without Cec at the sound control console.
Our January/February “Lamphouse” announced the death of Tom Messinbird, a long term Treasurer as well as twice being Treasurer for FAACS, now FAMM.
Digital video, with its impressive 720 lines resolution announced as the coming replacement for Hi8 & S-VHS (400 lines) & VHS and 8mm (250 lines approx.)—a big improvement.
Bus trip to Kev Franzi's museum at Kenilworth.
Ray Soderholm, President.
Our January/February “Lamphouse” announced the death of long term QMM member, prolific moviemaker and Patron, Reg. Simes, who had died on Christmas day.
QMM held a "Soup and Crusty and murder mystery night" at the Embroiderers Guild building.
FAMM Convention held at Newcastle.
It was announced that QMM would make a documentary about the Brisbane River, for the Brisbane City Council. A competition to choose a title for the documentary was also announced.
Consumer digital video camcorders became readily available, with prices ranging from $4000 to $8000.
Our January/February “Lamphouse” announced the death of Laurie Ferguson, who with husband Jack, were regular members and moviemakers.
From a total of 13 entries to choose a title for the documentary about the Brisbane River, the winning entry, submitted by Ray Soderholm, was “RIVER OF MEMORIES”.
Diamond Jubilee Dinner held on Saturday, 20th September.
Our June “Lamphouse” announced the death, at the age of 97, of Ossie Fenwick, a long term Committee member, who joined the Club at the same time as our Patron, Don Chapman.
Our November “Lamphouse” announced the death of long term Hospitality Committee member, librarian and general assistant in all QMM activities, Rose Rippon. Rose and her husband, Ced, were regulars at meetings for a great number of years.
Our December “Lamphouse” announced the death of Hugh Brooks, who with wife Nancy, was a very active member of QMM for many years. Hugh acted in QMM productions and was also an experienced moviemaker.
Ross Wilesmith, President.
Our January/February “Lamphouse” announced the death of Molly Lettice, widow of the late Alex Lettice who was our Patron for many years.
In February, the documentary on the Brisbane River, titled, “River of Memories”, had its gala premiere screening. Produced with the assistance of a grant by the Brisbane City Council, the movie, with a running time of about 52 minutes, took just over a year to complete.
Our March “Lamphouse” announced the death of Eva Poole, a regular at Federation Conventions. Eva and her husband (who predeceased her by many years) were QMMs regular hostess and host when the Club met at the Queensland Deaf Society’s building in Turbot Street.
FAMM Convention held at Shepparton, Victoria.
Our January/February “Lamphouse” announced the death in October 1998 of the Rev Clem Lane who had been a member and keen supporter of the Club some years previously, before he retired and moved to Dapto, NSW.
Our January/February “Lamphouse” announced the death of Joe Evans. Joe and his wife, Pat were members of Ormond Movie Club for seven years before moving to Queensland and joining QMM. With about 10 years amateur stage experience as an Actor, Set Designer & Director, Joe brought a lot of knowledge to QMM and starred in many productions.
Our July “Lamphouse” announced the death of Ced Rippon, widower of Rose, whose death was announced in our November 1997 issue.
Our November “Lamphouse” announced the death of Reg McDonald who was one of the founding members of QMM, then Queensland Amateur Cine Society and was elected to the position of Secretary/Treasurer in 1937. He was later an active Committee member for many years.
“Lamphouse” issued every second month—previously every month.

Our March/April “Lamphouse” announced the death of Sonny Fenner, a keen member and moviemaker. Christened, Ernest Noel, but called “Sonny” by his parents, he only found out his real name when he had to obtain a Birth Certificate to marry Peggy.
FAMM Convention held in Brisbane.
Current “Lamphouse” Editor, Stewart Gordon, welcomed to the Club in our September/October issue.
Don Finlay, President.
During the Christmas break, Patron Don Chapman gave the Clubrooms in the Embroiderers’ Guild Building a “spring clean” to start the new millennium.
Our November/December “Lamphouse” announced the death of Goodie Nelson, wife of George. Both Goodie and George were active members of QMM for many years and George still maintains an interest in QMM and attends important functions. The George & Goodie Nelson Trophy has been and continues to be a valued trophy in our annual Award Movie competition.
Our March/April “Lamphouse” announced the deaths of Edna Jenks and Val Ryan. Edna, widow of the late Arthur Jenks and Val, widow of the late Cec Ryan, were both well-known long term club members, who, with their husbands, made enormous contributions to the early successes of the club.
The FAMM Convention was held in Melbourne.
Our May/June “Lamphouse” announced the death of Hubert Papillon, well known throughout Australia as Hubert of Paris, a glamour photographer for glossy magazines. He was a valuable member of QMM for several years, due to his knowledge of lighting and picture composition.
Fay Finlay formed a “Scriptwriters Group” aimed at ensuring that QMM always had a choice of suitable scripts for Club shoots, as well as helping and encouraging members to write scripts.
Bruce McDonald, President.
Our February/March “Lamphouse” announced the death of Jack Lynndon, one of the quiet achievers of QMM who, together with his wife, Evelyn, was always where assistance was needed.
Peter Norris (a member of AACS until it ceased operating and well known to QMM for the high quality movies he entered in our Annual Award Competitions) became the only moviemaker to be awarded FAMM’s highest artistic honour. Peter had won over 400 awards in Australian and Overseas competitions.
Bob Godfrey, President.
Bob Godfrey organised weekend Workshop held at Kindilan Outdoor Education Centre, Redland Bay in April.
In June, QMM produced their first Club movie for several years. The movie, “Remember Me” was from a script by Fay Finlay and involved many QMM members. It was notable for the high standard of acting and first class editing by John Westwood.
Nev Long achieved 50 years with QMM.
In February, Secretary Merv Peake passed 50 years membership of QMM.
The first low cost (around $2000) high definition camcorders become available.
FAMM Convention held at Newcastle.
In June, the venue for regular QMM meetings was changed from the Embroiderers’ Guild Building in Fortitude Valley to the OES Hall at Kedron.
Weekend Workshop held at Kindilan Conference Centre, Redland Bay, in September.










In January, Stewart Gordon took over from Alan Beale as, QMM, Lamphouse Editor.
John Westwood elected President at AGM.

In August, George Way took over from Alan Beale as Competition Secretary.
The QMM movie "Remember Me" was entered into the 2007 International 10 Best
competition by Melbourne Movie Makers club and was placed 7th from 43 entries.
QMM 70th Anniversary celebrations occured on 19th September 2007 with celebrations held at the OES Hall Kedron. There were 80 people in attendance including politicians,former members and current members.
President John Westwood presided Patron Don Chapman and Bill Rahmann provided insights into movie making. Interviews with earlier movieclub members were also screened. A minute of appreciation was recorded for the chairman, Stewart Gordon and his committee, Don Finlay,George Way and Mervyn Peake.
politicians,former members and current members.
President John Westwood presided Patron Don Chapman and Bill Rahmann provided insights into movie making. Interviews with earlier movieclub members were also screened. A minute of appreciation was recorded for the chairman, Stewart Gordon and his committee, Don Finlay,George Way and Mervyn Peake

QMM applied to the Queensland Government Gaming Community Benefit fund and received funding  for new audio/video equipment.The request for funding was based on our decision to provide movie screening to  community organisations and nursing homes etc. QMM also received a grant from the Brisbane City council to purchase  a new high definition camera and a new tripod.
A special meeting was held to discuss opening a South Side chapter of QMM to cater for residents south of the river. The first meeting of the southside group was held on  7th April 2008 at the Souther Cross Sporting club. First screening of QMM movies under the Community Benifits scheme was to the Oxford Crest Retirement centre on March 2008.
Club project of filming the School leavers formal at the Greek club South Brisbane. The new club cameras and members cameras were used. Sales of DVDs provided some club income.
The split club format provided a situation for two showings of the  results of the  2008 Award Movie Festival.North side on September 3rd, South Side on September 15th.
June 2009 Stewart Gordon  as editor of the club news letter Lamphouse handed over to Joy Tretheway. September 2009 the QMM southside chapter voted to separate from QMM and form anew club called . Club camcorder with John Westwood as President.
Stewart Gordon is elected as QMM President.
QMM club movie filmed at Ormiston house on  October 24th 2009, movie named Ormiston Shadow, Premier screening on 28th January 2010.
December 2009 Brisbane City Council, Urban Iniative Fund provide funds for a Laptop computer to be used for training and presentation purposes.

QMM participates in the Marchant Ward My Fair on May 1st 2010 at Lanham Park.
Col Tretheway provided a tent as a theatrette to attract the public to our clubs activities
2010 FAMM Ltd convention  held over 17th  20th May at Tewantin Qld. Mark  Tunningly elected as President. QMM members attended the motor vehicles speed races at Leyburn on the Darling Downs to film the event.
Bruce Mc Donald former President of QMM passed away in December 2010. He will be missed by everyone for his  film making and sense of humour.
May 2010 Mark Tunningly President of FAMMLtd advised the next convention would be in the ACT
Jeanette McDonald resigned as treasurer of QMM. Jan Gordon has taken on the role of QMM Treasurer.
Don Chapman resigned as Patron on QMM. The role has be discontinued
Movies screened under the Public screening process by QMM.
10 in 2008, 6 in 2009, 5 in 2010. This activity has now be discontinued.
The Bruce McDonald memorial award  for best cinamatography to Stewart  Gordon foe the movie "The Big Shed"
26th November 2011 a special meeting, at Carindale Library,  was called to consider the future of QMM in it's split state, ie North and South chapters which is not working for either party. The South side chapter had already decided to split for the QMM club and form Club Camcorder under the leadership of John Westwood.

At a special meeting of QMM members at the OES Hall, Kedron on the 4th April 2012 members were asked to vote on one of three options concerning the future of QMM due to falling membership and escalating operating costs.To carry on with the club as is until the funds run out, or amalgamate with another Club (BVMA), or to disband BMM as a club.
The vote was in favour of amalgamation. The structure of  club under the Letters patent registration does not allow for amalgamation with a Registered club under the current ruling. The only option is to de register QMM after transfering funds and assets to BVMA after which all members of BMM will now be considered members of BVMA.

The BVMA club held a special meeting on 2nd January 2012 at which members were asked to consider amalgamating with QMM

The majority of BMM members voted  for the option to disband QMM and amalgamate with the BVMA club. and for the name QMM to be removed from the Letters Patent Registration.
Funds and assets were distributed in the correct manner to the BVMA club which after the joining would be re named as, Brisbane Movie Makers Ltd.
The newly named club, BMM is located at the Perrin Park Meeting rooms at Toowong, Brisbane.


Club Meeting
Meeting: 1st & 3rd Thursday
Time: 7:30pm–10:00pm
Address: 18 Josling St, Toowong

On the 1st Thursday we show our movies. See our monthly topics.

On the 3rd Thursday we have presentations. See our program.
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