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BMM Club night 5th May 2018

Brisbane Movie Makers
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Hi, It is one of the good thing about our hobby that the unexpected always turns up to keep us   active. If you are out filming in the wild you can guarantee that your sound recording will always get, “Noises Off” just at some critical time. For example our recent club shoot at Redcliffe produced a good loud Crow right in the middle of an actors lines. We were able to wait while we found some missiles to move him/her on and then re shoot. The professionals tell us only add your sound later to get round the unexpected noise but what if it’s your only chance then you have to find a way to make your sound recording better.
There are plenty of sound Fixing apps about but they all take some learning and it’s not as if we are doing it every day to become really good at it and of course all these good applications cost money, except Audacity. It’s free and it is regularly updated as well. So learning how to use it might just be what can turn your disaster into a winner.
Come along to our club meeting on the 5th May and see what we can learn about Audacity and a few other sound fixing apps. When you dig into the “Black Art” you realise it really is a world of its own.
Have you got any examples of bad sound? Have you tried fixing it, lets have an evening of discovery about bad sound made good.

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