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BMM Members shoot at the Gladioli Farm

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Published by in Blog · 15 August 2018
BMM outdoor shoot, visit Farm on Monday 13th August.
The shoot manager, Merv arranged for us to get to the Elimbah farm at the crack of dawn so when we arrived at 6:00am it was about 5 degrees,Cool.
Farm owner, Mark, was already up and about as he had a busy day lined up. Flowers to pick, ground to be worked over and new growth to be sprayed to keep the ever active bugs at bay.
We were to film the picking activity from the ground and up in the picker trailer and with John's Drone  from the air too.
We managed to film all these activities and then watched the picked flowers as the were then sent up to the shed for sorting and packing.
The other BMM team members had already been hard at work setting up lights and getting ready for us to film the final stage to see the selection and then packing of the graded flowers ready to be sent off the the Sydney and Melbourne flower markets.
We still have to conduct the interviews at the Farm and then we will follow the dug up Corms to where they are washed and sanitised ready for cold storage to be kept ready for the next seasons  planting.
We still have a ferw segments to do but we will hand over all the footage done so far for James to start the editing task.
Well done team.

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