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BMM 2019 program listing

Brisbane Movie Makers
Published by in Blog · 16 December 2018
Hello to all BMM members and welcome to anyone who is looking at our web site.
The committee has set out our ideas for our club actions in 2019 to better address the clubs activity in movie making. We have sent round to the committee members a few scripts to view and discuss as 1 big production for this year but we have not excluded any of the usual activities. We have set down 3 ideas for people to choose from to make a short movie as part of the Ugg competition.
For anyone new to our club, the Ugg cup competition is just meant to encourage everyone to look at the options and get on their thinking cap and their camera and have some fun to show the result to everyone at a meeting night later.
Please still continue to bring in any of your own movies for us all to see and enjoy.

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